A Glimpse of the Bazinga App

Company Profile

Bazinga App

The Bazinga app is like an online clothing store that curates hundreds and thousand of brands’ clothing. It is like a heaven for fashion enthusiasts as the visitors on the app gain access to a single touch-point to buy the latest styles and trending clothes. The digital eCommerce store bridges the gap between brands who can instantly list their clothes and cater to a wide audience online.

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is an Information Technology based Outsourcing company that provides Software solutions, Technical Solutions to complex business problems, and needs. Narola infotech serves a vast number of services like Enterprise Services, Web Development, Mobile App, and Game Development serving in all domains and technologies.

Business Needs

  • The client owns his clothing store and wished to expand the business in the digital domain.
  • The client’s requirement was to build a functional, glitch-free, and easy Bazinga mobile app and web app on the iOS platform that has a view similar to Tinder for its users.
  • The clients i.e. brands should be able to add the latest clothing and other information via the CMS panel.
  • A user of the Bazinga app should be instantly notified about the new releases and updates on the app.
  • Proper filters that display the most suitable clothes to the users as per the preferences set by them.

Functional & Operational Challenges

  • Incorporating a way for thousands of brands/fashion stores to enlist their products using the CMS panel and simultaneously notifying the users about the same was to be taken care of.
  • A user of the app should be given the opportunity to find, share, keep track of, and receive all the updates on the latest and hot fashion.

Proposed Solution

  • In order to expand the business of the client digitally, we offered to implement every idea in the client’s mind for the online store.
  • We procured inputs as they know their customers the best and offered suggestions like the CMS panel, implementing filters, dashboards, and notifications that would make the app more interactive and easy to use for their users.

Objectives Achieved

  • We successfully created the Bazinga mobile and web app for our client. They were successfully able to scale up their business and observe a sharp proliferation in the number of customer engagements.



The Bazinga app is a great platform for users who love fashion and appreciate the luxury of being able to access the trends and styles at the end of a single click. The stylish platform makes way for fashion stores to list their clothing and users get a stop shop for almost thousands of brands.

Users can save their favorite outfits, share it with their friends, and have an amazing online shopping experience with a wide selection of garments. Narola Infotech’s team of developers carefully noted each of the client’s requirements and implemented it in the app up to its optimum potential. Thus, the Bazinga app is successfully created on the iOS platform and available on the Apple store.