Taxi Hunt is fast, fun & easy with Fixed Fare rapid fire quotes when hunting for a Taxi. The Taxi hunt user can then cherry pick their preferred fixed fare journey from multiple bids received from the nearest driver(s).

Taxi Hunt UX is simple, easy-to-use and notification driven to give its user full control.

How it works:

  • Once pick-up and drop-off locations are entered (pickup may be set with GPS) a ride request is sent.
  • The user receives bid(s) from nearest available drivers to chooze from (notification driven)
  • Uzer notified of the arrival of the choozen cab. Monitor ETA in real-time, with a Call Driver option
  • Uze /Adjust your dollar rewards in “Spin & Win collection” to pay fares.
  • Comment/Rate the Driver.

Taxi Finder

iPhone, Android

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