Spitzeljagd is a geo-based social game for Smartphones. Users like the general idea of using check-in’s  for  entertainment  and  we  will  take  them  to  the  next  level.  With  a  team  consisting  of   seven guys with different backgrounds (game- and community experts, software developers, and business entrepreneurs) we will provide a new experience not only for hard-core gamers.

Social gamification and geo-based check-in’s  are  two  of  the  big  trends  in  the  mobile  market.  In   Spitzeljagd little challenges like mini games or riddles can be picked up at certain real-life locations, like subway-stations, on your way to work or while waiting for a friend. By beating these games you start conquering the gaming-locations in your city. Choose from a team of Spitzel to spy on other players and have them compete for control in your secret virtual underground. The game is free to play, but you are welcome to spend small amounts of money on customizing the appearance of your Spitzel-team or buying additional content. Spitzeljagd satisfies the demand for innovative, elaborate entertainment of a young urban and – most of all – mobile generation.


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