A strategic Texas Hold’em variant.Each game is played against two animated passive opponents. With the Flop, the cards of the opponents are viewed.The player decides whether to draw cards or fold.There is a strategic element in folding at the right time. Train yourself to find the optimal strategy.The initial wintable is doubled at the Flop, tripled at the Turn and quadrupled at the River.

The percentage chance of winning is indicated next to the player hands. However, the optimal strategy is not based on drawing at 33% or 50%. One must evaluate the percentage chance of winning against the additional stake and as well against the increasing wintable. Find it out!

Each game is started with a full deck of cards and the game is 100% random – nothing like traditional Texas Hold’em apps. Highscores are included in Game Center.This game is very useful in training yourself Texas Hold’em strategies!

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