If you’re gonna show everybody how you are training, do it with style. This is your app!
A location based Gym Photo App to let everyone know exactly where and when and What you train in that photo.Location overlay will give you a chance to share with friends what you’re training in real time! Beautifully crafted custom skins will give your Gym photos PROFESSIONAL, CLEANER and more ELEGANT look.You can add whatever text you wish, plus the name of the location (custom or geolocated from Foursquare or Facebook) where you are snapping the photo.

Take Photo and add the skin of your choice and customise it to your liking.Then instantly share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

Even while you are not social media person InstaGym is for you – just save pictures to your camera roll! It lets you beautify your pictures. You will enjoy it!

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