Tired of having to write down the names of intriguing or delicious places you see your friends posting on Instagram and Facebook?

Then ExploreWorthy is the app you’ve been looking for! ExploreWorthy is the simplest way to bookmark the tagged location photos your friends are posting.

See a posted photo of awesome food that has a tagged location? Did one of your friends post a cool new spot to hangout that you want to check out soon, and don’t want to forget? Now you can store that location data & photo with the instant push of the “Explore” button.

– Store the location data and name of any photo that has a tagged location attached to it

– Filter your bookmarked locations by City, State, Country or Name

– Track what places you have explored or have yet to explore

– Find other friends who use ExploreWorthy and share cool locations with each other to discover new places

– Search for places near your current location

– When traveling, this makes it easy to find all the places you are interested in seeing/visiting

– You can use “Open in Maps” to get directions to the bookmarked location


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