The Cogneti Player provides workplace training for organizations such as restaurants and retail stores. Cogneti makes their training simple, easy, and very effective – with proven and measured results.

With a simple tap, employees will be part of a game-like activity shared with their co-workers. The play is secure and easily managed for new or existing employees, and according to their location or job function.

It’s simple because the game naturally compels good learning behavior, and guides employees between learning and recalling. Accurate recall of your training material is the focus of all play and is developed quickly.
It’s easy because the game is available any time and any place – even in offline mode – with a tap on a phone or tablet. Notifications will occasionally call their attention to their game – from other employee or game events.
It’s effective because employee learning activity and recall results are continuously tracked and reported. Over a few days or weeks, users can see dramatic improvement and proven training results. These reports are also continuously available for monitoring and management.


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