Black City is a feature-rich mobile app that allows users to access a community of urban hair professionals in the palm of their hand. Locating urban hair professionals has been a challenge for many, problem solved with Black City.
Black City allows users to simply enter in their zip code and find the nearest black barber, stylist, natural hair care provider or braider within their 45 mile radius. Black City has also been proven to be a great tool while on vacation or on business trips. Enter in the zip code of your current location, and let Black City do the work for you.
With the largest listing of black barbers, salons, stylist for naturals, and braiders collectively Black City looks to point you in the right direction for your hair needs. If you are looking to get a fade or need a relaxer, find a stylist on Black City. If you are looking to get braids or have your locs maintained, find a shop on Black City.


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