Connecting digital content with the real world.
Alive is the most advanced mobile augmented reality viewer. It is a fast, easy and fun way to discover your world and what you want out of it.
See information about shops or products that interest you, buy immediately from a magazine add or get instant access to behind the scenes information.
Alive uses state of the art Augmented reality technology to display all the available information at your fingertips. The information plays right off your iPhone or iPad
Just point your smartphone camera towards the image (that has an alive logo in it) this can be newspaper, magazine, ad, business card, wedding invitation and much more.

  •  See magazines come alive
  •  Easily buy items directly form a magazine page
  • Connect with links to web content and share instantly on social media

Alive has a ‘Recent Content’ section that allows you to review what you scanned anywhere you want whenever you want, you no longer have the need to have that printed image with you.

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