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rapid-automated-decisionsRapid Automated Decisions

A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) was first developed for the Automobile industry to ease out the hard-wired relays and sequencer functions. But soon the potential of this powerful automation device was transferred to several industries. This resulted in a new era of manufacturing and emerging requirement of a skilled PLC programming company.

A PLC can help your company with engineering tasks like designing, diagnostics, technology integration, security controls, and complex detailing. It makes mass decision-making procedures swift and reliable. Narola has put together a program using the IEC ladder that would give you personalized controls to facilitate routine industrial operations. Our 15 years of experience has been very helpful in creating one of the best desktop applications to interface with the PLC

benefit-from-plc-applicationIndustries that would benefit from PLC application

It doesn’t matter whether your purpose requires 10 I/Os or thousands of I/Os, a PLC device handles all. Software for PLC ranges from basic to advance depending on the level of complexity. The application developed by us is programmed with the ubiquitous Modbus TCP/IP communication.

narola-infotech-for-plcWhy choose Narola Infotech for PLC programming services

As a PLC programming company preferred by many different businesses, Narola is equipped to design, fabricate, and develop a control system for any of your automated processes.

We assist you with the prime PLC solution to help your company make better decisions and quality products. Our PLC application ensures a higher percentage of ROI and delivers the outcomes at a considerably faster speed. It’s also easy to operate as it has a user-friendly interface system.

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    This desktop application is developed using the latest techniques and ensures ideal results. We have applied extreme caution while designing it to keep it efficient in handling complicated logical operations. It’s one of our best innovations to date.

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    Cost Effective

    The PLC is well-equipped for real-time fault detection that helps save a significant amount of your investment. It has appreciable implementation time and consumes a substantially lower amount of power to drive exceptional outcomes.

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    Flexible Programming

    We developed this PLC application keeping in mind the essentials of manufacturing a product and its gradual need to get better. We are always prepared to face newer challenges and code the software according to changing needs. Moreover, we ensure that the programs run effectively.

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    Expert Support

    Our PLC programming company has a team of highly experienced developers who are aware of all the challenges that come with the PLC. You shall receive round the clock assistance as our personnel entirely understand the responsibilities of a production unit.


We’ve spent over 15 years carefully curating the best local and international talent to provide you with flexible staffing solutions that will reduce your costs and increase your output.

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