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Our Team

Ashish Narola

Chief Executive Officer

Ashish, the ace of spades, is also considered as a synonym to Narola. Yes, he is the brilliant mind behind the sound existence of this outsourcing IT-domain company. The person is more than an all-rounder for Narola. Apart from handling all the crucial aspects of the company, he believes in making things better for the company from every possible angle. He has a set of balanced goals already up in his mind, some of which are already achieved, some are in pipeline and some are yet to be touched.

He brings the right approach, right candidate and right resources to accomplish any given task or to create the base for future compliances. He doesn’t speak about any particular department but the company as a whole with different segments working on the appropriate niche.

From bringing the best possible resources to architect training to ensure company moving in the right direction to deciding the future moves of the company to being an environment himself for the company, Mr. Ashish is doing every worthful thing as the Chair-Person of the company.

Our Team

Nilesh Paladiya

Chief Technology Officer

The technical brainstorm behind the projects at Narola is – Mr. Nilesh. With mammoth experience in multiple IT-subdomains, the man stands tall in terms of leveraging the in-house projects with innovation and technical proficiency. On the edge of his key expertise, we guarantee clients – the optimum satisfaction because we have the best man at our side to bring innovation beyond the top genre.

He can be termed as thread joining the pearls together and in-sync. Besides handling the crucial elements in Narola, he is also working on the futuristic approach that could be brought down in the company for a seamless run in the competitive market.

His team members consider his final destination to resolve the intense technical queries. Also, he is the helping hand for the team to overcome regular hurdles. In short, he is the Pied-Piper.

Our Team

Paresh Paladiya

Chief Information Officer

Paresh, the powerhouse of tech information and knowledge, opens the door for new technology dimension in Narola. Prior to joining Narola, Paresh has experience with CGI, USA for 15+ years as an Enterprise Architect on various domains like Financial, HR, Vendor Management, Tax and Health Care for USA Federal, State, and Local government. However, he has always kept himself close to the technical development as he is a developer at heart. With wide experience in crucial business segments, Paresh brings a fresh breeze of technological advancement, systematic approach and key transformation in Narola.

He has a clear vision and sound mindset to bring in the art of innovation in solutions, services, product and consultancy that the company offers to its global clients. He understands that the company has resources, caliber, talent and essential key things required to drive Narola’s overall technical spectrum, including – midterm to long-term technology and services. He mainly takes care of website application development. With the primary aim set as – product development and expanding the service offerings, Paresh is set to boost the capability of Narola. Never to forget, he is keenly observing everything around, So – for the domestic and international market, he can be termed as an upcoming challenge.

Our Team

Dipak Narola

Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Dipak, the vibrant wizard of the Narola, is the perfect example of ‘systemized elements’ at their best. Given any segment, any department and any task, he emerged out as winner leaving no stone unturned in the favor of the company. He remains there to take hold of the crucial things at Narola, and accelerates the development at the top speed in course of time. Coming from the technical background, he analyze the momentum of the market in fraction of seconds and has ability to envelop the same in best possible cover.

The Digital Marketing department is getting flourished under his powerful assistance and he is putting his every bit in uplifting it and monetizing the same to increase the ROI of the company. He is a think-tank which remain ready to trigger right thought at right point of time.

His team members quote him as – “With Mr. Dipak at your side, you can do a wonder each day. He is whistle-blower to the freshers, energy boosters to the experienced ones and knowledge data base to the experts. His impact is enough to let you do your work appropriately.”

Our Team

Urvish Narola

VP – Business Development

The man responsible to raise the sales graph of the outsourcing mobile app development company is – Mr. Urvish. It is due to his efforts, knowledge, wisdom, and strategy that we are able to have a straight escalation in the sales figures. Having an MBA as an educational background from a reputed institute, he is equipped with a thorough understanding of overseas market and proficiency to deal with up-line customers.

He has the hawk-eye when it comes to analyzing the need of the market, and hit the target with bull’s strength. With his power-packed performance, Narola has always been able to bag quality clients and the streak is still going.

He is a gem of a professional for his team members and they consider him – a man with multiple specialties, logics, approaches, and strategies. He is quiver having arrows for all purposes.

Our Team

Philip DiMuro

Regional Business Development Manager

Philip DiMuro has an amazing commitment to the management and his power to run errands pretty quickly. His thorough nature makes him one of the central piece of the management group. He handles onboarding new customers, frameworks engineering, and breathing life into marketing school of thoughts. His concentration in customer-centric approach helps him excel in all undertakings he oversees under contract at the organization.

Our Team

Prerna Gupta

Project Manager : Mobile

Prerna – the bandit queen of Narola in terms of joining all odds and delivering meaningful mobile app development to the vast clientele all over the world. She is a master degree holder in Information & Communication Technology, and her master class can be seen in managing the mobile projects to the tiny bit of perfection. She breathes more than life into the mobile projects with core expertise in Android & iOS domain.

From complete project management to building technical standards to support ‘faster development criteria’, she is the key power supplier to the thicks and thins of mobile development segment at Narola.

Her team considers her as the power bank of knowledge, motivation, innovation, and dedication. She is a surprise package whooping out a new quality each day. Just like a magician hat that has a lot secretly stored in it.

Our Team

Dave Phelan

Regional Business Development Manager

Dave Phelan is an essential piece of the advancement procedure of the design stage. His attention on a speedy product launch makes him a fantastic accomplice to create the long-term decision. He likewise handles inward showcasing endeavors of Narola infotech in the IT development community.


Yahya Irani

HR Manager

Yahya is a balancing wheel of Narola who works to create required satisfaction on both side employees and management. He believes linking organizational management to the employee is a crucial task for any business and HR manager can help to build the coordination between the two.

He is also backed with the good recruiting and management skills that collectively brings best human resource for the company. Employees are the valuable assets for every company and HR is responsible for maximizing their value by placing them right place. Yahya very well understands this as well as the importance of attracting and motivating qualified employee in the organization and thus he actively participates in recruiting, interview, selection, and hiring as well as building employee relationship process.

With His passion towards work, he is aiming to focus on yearly recruiting and other functional strategies of the origination that could take the company to sky height with each passing year.

Our Team

Suresh Dankhara

Project Manager : Web

Mr. Suresh brings effective project management and client satisfaction to Narola. With 6 Years of experience in IT and key expertise in PHP MVC frameworks, WordPress, Javascript, jQuery and CSS, he is the man behind the technical success of every web project. Having educational background as Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, he was aimed to secure a prominent position in IT-Domain and Narola offered him the same after checking his core competencies and abilities.

Since long, he is effectively dealing with SDLC monitoring of every in-house web project within set time-frame ensuring its technical feasibility, reliability and security marked up on the scale.

His team members are pleased to work with his calm, understanding and helping attitude which eventually makes him a ‘Superman’ among them.

Our Team

Henish Patel

Accounting Head

Henish, in his area of expertise, can be termed as ‘Credit’ to the mobile, website and game app development company and surely one of the finest assets at the same time. He is account head at Narola having 9 years of experience. His upper hand over tax management saves a lot of bucks for the company. Being an advocate, as per the educational qualification, helps the company to excel in handling legal terms. With thorough knowledge in accounting, he is master in playing with the business transactions and maintaining them appropriately for further use.

His perfection in accounting also ensures his love and passion towards the numbers. Be it any financial matter or problem, Henish always has the best solution to settle them. Wonder if there can be any accounting thing that he is not aware of.

The company consider him as in-house finance minister and look towards him for all related matters, queries, problems and everything. His dedication towards the job makes him the most eligible candidate for his seat.

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