Our Process

Our Agile Approach Keeps us Ahead

How do things work at Narola ?

We follow simple yet integrated process to work on each of our projects. We ensure the deliverables remain seamless, flawless and are completed within set time frame.

Step 1


The concept is the heart of every project. We work a step ahead and put the beats in the concept. Studying the key area of the business and logical brainstorming help us to derive exceptional concepts that work well for the client’s requirements. We thoroughly check its feasibility and longevity.


Step 2


This part of the procedure includes deriving ideas to shape the concept. Here, creativity plays an important role along with technical perfection. The ideas generated are then checked on the factors whether they will be good enough to go or not and whether or not they are based on company’s approach.

Step 3


The work with full force start at this stage. Once the concept and the plan is prepared, the developers set their boots on fire to code the entire project. A project is subdivided into several modules and a separate team is allocated to complete each. Parallel to that the completed modules are integrated well.


Step 4


Once the project is completed, it is thoroughly tested. We follow several parameters to test the project. As we believe in delivering the best. Thus, we make sure each entity of the project is functioning well and project as a whole is working as per the requirement of the client and is delivering desirable results.

Step 5


Upon successful testing, we finalize the project for delivery. However, we do take a demo to check if the UI and UX is fine or not. Once we are well with everything, we deliver the project to the client. However, we keep in touch with the client round the clock hours to offer needed help and support.


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