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node.js-development-companyHire The Best Node.JS Development Company

Node.JS has a myriad of features to offer. It is versatile and large businesses are opting Node.js development services for their mobile & web applications, desktop applications, and other back-end development. Whether it is starting out as a new project or migrating to the Node.js platform, you need a reliable company like Narola Infotech.

Only a Node.js development company with years of experience and a trained proficient team can handle your complex Node.js project in the right manner by providing suitable back-end solutions.

node.js-development-companyNarola Infotech’s crafting expertise with Node.JS Development Services

Node.js is in itself a very powerful back-end development Javascript framework. It operates on Google Chrome’s V8 Engine. This makes attending to requests at super-bolt speed.Narola has years of experience as a well-functioning Node.JS development company with high deliverables. Over time it has built a team of experts that are equipped in working fluently with this language. We know the best ways to employ this featherweight framework to your best use. Node.js is great for data-intensive and real-time applications.

Here’s what Narola can help you accomplish:

  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • eCommerce application development
  • API development and integration
  • Plug-in development
  • IoT and social networking development
  • Content App development
  • Experienced and dedicated Node.JS developers
  • Node.JS Migration
  • Confidentiality and strict NDA rules
  • Flexible options to choose from for development
  • 24*7 technical support

node.js-development-companyWhy Node.JS Development Services are the ideal choice for Back-end

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    A large part of the development budget involves the finances going in the technology that is implemented. Thus Node.JS development that is rich in features, open-source, and has other perks of sharing codes comes in very handy in building inexpensive applications.

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    Code Reusability

    Node.js has in-built NPM(Node Package Manager) that facilitates IoT development and there is no need for external npm installation. Developers can easily share, reuse and refresh codes as per requirement.

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    Node.js has become one of the most popular environments for development. This is so because it offers extraordinarily fast back-end. It ables easy cross-platform development and building of highly functional web and mobile applications. It also enables user-friendly front-end developments to be created.

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    Handling Queued inputs

    When it comes to reading concurrent data on a large number, there seems to have built a bottleneck of sorts in the database. Node.JS utilizes caching, batch and write, etc. processes to smoothly queue and conduct the data transfer. This makes the site or app to maintain its responsiveness even under heavy load of data.

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    Node.js is used for back-end development and when it is combined with Angular.JS and React.JS it displays some breakthrough results with robust performance. Moreover, in the era of the internet, it has an eminent presence on IoT, working on cloud, and building real-time applications.

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    The architecture on which Node.js technology is built is highly secure. It is highly reliable and robust in implementation and functioning. It is used by big giants like eBay, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Paypal, Netflix, etc. This clientele of the technology users is the testimony of how much you can trust and achieve with this technology.



We’ve spent over 15 years carefully curating the best local and international talent to provide you with flexible staffing solutions that will reduce your costs and increase your output.

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Why do people love us?

Our clients have faith in us. We always keep them ahead of their competitors by serving them top notch IT solutions. They have never diminishing faith in us, and thus, they work with us time and again.

  • I've given him a difficult task where the project specification was a bit complicated. He's spent some time to deeply understand it and gave me even his suggestions. Overall, he's done an awesome work.

    Katsuya F CEO | Japan
  • The team at Narola have done great things for my project and have exceeded my expectations many times. They have been great to work with and I will definitely use them again. Would highly recommend!

    Steven R Business Manager | USA
  • Well organized professional company, whose employees have good english skills and great CAN DO-attitude. A good company who wants to serve it's clients well and fast.

    Katja A CEO | Finland

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