Top 10 Games for Windows Phone

Top 10 Games for Windows Phone

Here are Top 10 Windows Phone Games that everyone related to game development should be aware of.

Angry Birds 

Angry Bird for Windows Phone 7 now has 165 energizing levels and joining with Xbox, where you can play with Xbox web-based gamers.

Fable Coin Golf

It’s an instructive game utilizing the XNA outline work and in addition engaging game. In this game the gold you gather it can be exchanged to Xbox or PC.


It is a methodology game were at least 2 players can play together, it’s a fun and instructive game where you become acquainted with the estimation of cash, property and so forth in this application for Windows, you can play along with the CPU where you can think that its intriguing to play and time pass.

Full House Poker

It’s a Poker game you play in the club and it’s somewhat genuine thing were individuals move around you. Here you can play it online with different players. This game adds up to fun and fascinating as well.

Need for Speed Undercover  

Need for Speed Undercover for Windows Phone 7 platform is truly amazing a direct result of its top of the line realistic which is greatly improved than playing in PC.

Fruit Ninja Final

It’s a Ninja game where you need to cut the natural products falling here you need to swipe the screen and demonstrate your Ninja abilities – cutting the organic products the more organic products you cut at one strike the more you pick up focuses.

Pro Evo 2011

Expert Evolution Soccer 2011 it has as of now been the best game in PC for gamers now its accessible in Windows 7 telephone so that the gamers don’t need to require a PC to play this game.


It’s a game particularly for young ladies however the game is all the more intriguing for young men as well, it’s a jewelry game where you need to score focuses by tapping on some sort of gems. It’s a fascinating game to invest energy.

The Harvest

The Harvest Game is a fiction activity RPG game is one of the best windows telephone 7 games in the market, a selective Windows Phone 7 game made by Microsoft. Illustrations of this game make it extraordinary.


Praetor is an arcade sort of war game, which will get fascinating when you pass levels well ordered. You can fabricate your armed force, toss lances and assemble towers. Since Random Software is used in it.  

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