The Reason Behind Misbehavior of Mobile applications

Mobile app misbehavior & good mobile developer choice

The Reason Behind Misbehavior of Mobile applications & importance of good mobile app developer choice


The Reason Behind Misbehavior of Mobile applications & importance of good mobile app developer choice

In the times where a mobile application development for the app store have some error in them, it is vital to discuss – why these problems occur? The root of these problems is one and only – ‘Improper App Development’. However, there are different circumstances and reasons backing the same, which are categorized as follows:

Inappropriate Project Handling

It happens in the case when you have hired freelancers to create an app. These freelancers work on the different segment of the application separately and hence, coordination between them remain negligible which result in malfunctioned app development that has loopholes at the junction points. They do not get discovered until the application is up and running.

The freelancers remain unguided and unhandled because there is no project manager to synchronize all of them and the tasks accomplished by them individually.


This may happen in two cases 

1. When you hire freelancers and

2. When you are dealing with app development company.

There are times when you ask them to do a different job and they misunderstand with something else. Thus, the developed app does not work in the way as decided to create confusion for the users to use it in an appropriate conduct.

It is noticeable that developers do not understand the structure of your business and hence, they cannot understand if there is something conceptually wrong with the application. They are a master in handling the technical issue and hence, such errors get placed by default in the app.

Inexperienced Developers

To save the cost of development, many business individuals happen to choose inexperienced developers who are not eligible to create an app – fully functional. Thus, several among the discussed error get settled in the application and it misbehaves at certain points.

The inexperienced developers of android cell phone applications cannot put themselves in the shoe of customer and hence, lacks the logical factor running the app. Thus, such apps seem aimless and inappropriate to the target audience.

Lack of Understanding

A standard application development requires a team of technical developers, business analysts, and market expert. But in most of the cases, business individuals assign the project to the complete technical team who are unable to understand your core concept. These developers can create an app for you but cannot guarantee about the effective UX and UI because certainly, they are not eligible to understand the mindset of the target audience.


Business analysts and market experts are required to design the prototype of the app and to analyze the mood of the target audience.

Flaw in Testing

Majority of the mobile created by  cross-platform developers misbehave are the result of ‘error in testing’. If the testing is not done thoroughly and from every dimension, chances of misbehavior increases. Testing is just not about checking whether the developed part is working well separately and in sync, but it also adds – to ensure proper functioning of the app with ease of access and reduced complexity.

It also includes the final check done by QA department to ensure that the developed app is fulfilling the requirements of the client to the core and is developed on the standard architecture to offer better app using the experience to the target audience with negligible chances of technical flaws and that too at rare & unidentified occasions.

Unclear Objectives

Almost every business individual who understand the significance of mobile marketing goes for designing an app. But a few among these individuals do not have clear goals, vision and objectives to develop the application. They just have a few points that they want in the app that should look great and attractive. But such apps remain incomplete because they are not based on any goal and hence, cannot offer anything good to the client which can be of any use to them. Thus such apps shed dust in the app store.

Here, business individuals are required to have a clear view of getting an application developed. Especially when it comes to the development of the application for iPhones. They can take the help of their friends, relatives and in-house employees to have their view on the same.

Further, on developing a complete need for the app, they can move to create an app for their business which is helpful not only to the customers but also the staff. The reason for this is that if the application has a good back-end system that an employee of the company can navigate and enter in the data and offers in. It would mean that one would not need an expert person at the back office to complete the work. Moreover, if the application has an easy back-end system it would mean that time-bound projects completed in haste would be flawless. 

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