December 6, 2021


Rohit Rawat


The use of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in a variety of fields is altering the world. A growing number of IT businesses like Uber clone app development are utilizing such cutting-edge technologies to improve customer service. 

Uber is one such digital behemoth that is always testing new approaches and conducting dedicated experiments. That helps it to improve customer experience. It continues to improve operations and services by deploying Machine Learning-based services for many functions like:

  • Forecasting market demand
  • Finding the best and most efficient routes
  • Detecting any potential fraud
  • Providing more customer-centric services
  • Monitoring and updating data in real-time to provide the most efficient real-time services.

In this article, we will discuss how machine learning can help in Uber services optimization of your business.

How Machine Learning Can Help Your Uber Clone App

Bridging Demand and Supply Gap

The system can anticipate demand time and location based on historical data. It can use these estimates to alert drivers in the specific region to demand leads. You can identify if there are enough taxis in the desired location. This way, your app can fill the gap between route and supply.

Demand forecasting techniques enable the app to raise pricing modestly during peak hours. This increases the profit and demand.

Customer retention is important for various businesses. Since consumers don't always want to postpone their daily trips when cabs aren't available right away. Instead, they can book a cab from another provider.

Acquiring new consumers necessitates more work than keeping current ones. The supply-demand imbalance can have an impact on customer retention. Projections based on implementing machine learning can mitigate this. It will also help you avoid losing users to competitors.

Fare Estimation

Machine learning provides demand forecasting. That allows you to enhance profits by changing pricing during peak hours. However, it could affect the customer retention rate.

ML algorithm uses real-time traffic data to compute rates. It also considers many external factors that can have an impact on the rates. These are the availability of public transportation and the accessibility of these public facilities.

Lower Expected Time of Arrival (ETA)

The expected time of arrival is primarily regarded when booking a trip. Nevertheless, it's highly inconvenient when a significant amount of time is lost in traffic, especially in cities. When a cab takes longer than expected to arrive at a pickup location, the issue becomes even worse.

Uber clone app development using machine learning techniques can help you in solving this problem. You can reduce the ETA by using ML techniques to forecast demand. That way, you will be able to prepare and direct cabs where they will be most required.

You can improve the experience of your customers by drastically decreasing the amount of time spent waiting. The ideal combination of user satisfaction, adhering to plans, and providing flawless services is a recipe for your success.

Using Big Data

The machine learning-based technology and data-driven business strategy of your Uber like app can transform the world. Its system can collect and retain a vast quantity of data. It can process it using big data techniques and provide more customized services. For real-time processing of large-scale machine learning-based algorithms, it can rely on Hadoop and Spark frameworks.

Since it will maintain a large database of drivers, your app can match each ride to that specific driver in 10-15 seconds. You can closely monitor each trip and the data it generates to forecast more accurate demand-supply chain pricing. It will also allow you to assign appropriate resources based on demand.

Route Optimization

Traditional ride-hailing services allow drivers to pick routes based on assumption and availability. However, this might make trip duration change owing to heavy traffic on the route, weather conditions, and other factors.

Machine learning algorithms come to the rescue here too. It updates the Uber clone app with the latest route options and offers the most effective path to drivers.

You can facilitate this process by assisting drivers in avoiding congested regions and enabling quick trips. It not only pleases consumers but also allows drivers to perform more rides.

Single-Click Communication

Usually, the rider messages the driver while waiting for a cab. Riders do this to find out when the cab would be ready. They also do it when they observe the cab roaming about the app. On the other hand, cab drivers find it difficult to type while driving.

So, once again, machine learning techniques and Natural Language Processing will come to your rescue. You can devise a solution in the form of an AI-based concept known as "one-click-chat". This ML structure responds to the most fundamental messages. Cab drivers would be able to reply quickly by just clicking on one of the suggested responses on your Uber like app.

Car Pool

It is unlikely to make a cab available to everyone during rush hour. But you can overcome this issue by adding a new feature of carpooling. By coordinating travelers going in the same direction, you can make sharing rides possible for users with ease. Furthermore, the benefits of pooling make your Uber services more affordable by lowering riders' costs.

On the basis of data gathered from maps, you can use ML algorithms to choose which rider to drop first. Additionally, the app will use historical data and trends to identify peak hours and adjust the pricing accordingly.

In Conclusion

The rapid advancement of Machine Learning techniques is creating ideal conditions for providing customer-oriented services. It also increases the productivity of a variety of enterprises. You can rise to the top by implementing machine learning techniques and focusing on providing Customer-Oriented Services. 

Machine Learning powers these systems and aids in the delivery of optimal services. Along with that, it helps in adding and retaining customers. 

To your users, it might seem like a simple process. They press a button, a cab comes up, they reach their destination and pay the driver. But the process is far more complicated than that. Your users focus on getting a flawless service. 

Users tend to switch to another provider in the blink of an eye if you don’t meet their expectations. So, what you need is a technology partner who can understand the nuances of development. Our Uber clone app development company can help you build a solution that will provide excellent service to your users. Book an appointment today with our experts.

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