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Oct 21

16th Year of Company celebration

Narola Infotech turned 16 and we were filled with excitement. After an eventful #WeekofValues the Company Day proved to be the highlight of everything we stand for. Here’s a glimpse of an incredible time that we Narolites had.

Oct 21

Week Of Values

In the week leading to 16 years of Narola Infotech’s foundation day, we celebrated each day with a value that we stand for as an organization. It meant celebrating Respect for all, Quality, Will to Win, Value for customers, and Accountability.

Aug 21

DJ Party

We all had a fun-filled evening with dance, music, and food at Pirates Voyage. It was a superb break from the monotony as everyone could shake a leg on the dance floor and wear off all the stress.

Aug 21

Independence Day

With a theme to represent the attires from different states in India, Narolites enthusiastically dressed up to celebrate the 75th Independence day with feelings of patriotism in their hearts.

Feb 21

Narola Sports Day

Sports are important as they rejuvenate the mind and bring in the best qualities like team spirit in us. After a phenomenally hard year, Narola was all set with its 10 teams to battle it out at Lalbhai Contractor Stadium grounds on our sports day.

Jan 21

NOW Bike Ride(Padamdungri)

We were excited for our first adventure with Narola On Wheels - “NOW” club. It is a road trip to Padamdungri planned with an interlude of some fun and adventurous activities like Rope Way, Archery, Go Karting, Rifle Shooting, and Boating.

Dec 20

Christmas Celebration/ Office Decoration

We ended the year on a happy note at Narola. There were celebrations for Christmas as we enthusiastically decorated our desks and the office for the competition. The office turned into a winter wonderland with gifts for all from secret Santas. It was an exhilarating experience.

Nov 20

Diwali Celebration

As we slowly try to bring back life on track, what better way than to begin with our favorite festival Diwali? Everyone was invited in time slots and sweets and gifts were distributed to all after following strict hygiene protocols.

Oct 20

15th Year of Company celebration

Narola Infotech successfully celebrated its 15th Foundation Day in the unique virtual gathering format. The event saw glimpses of the team-spirit of all our employees in full-attendance. There was full-fledged entertainment, recognition, music, games, and sharing of thoughts about our company’s future.

Aug 20

Narola Dance Competition

We had a gala time watching the videos of our enthusiastic employees shaking a leg with members of their families. And, here are the winners of our Narola Dance Competition(NDC). Congratulations to all our winners & even the participants! We appreciate your contribution to making this event a success.

May 20

Narola Got Talent

Narolites were all geared up to showcase their unique talent in a one-of-a-kind initiative of talent hunt via Social Media! We had many enthusiastic members who sent in their video entries and the competition was neck-to-neck.

Jan 20

Narola Sports Day

Sports are a great way to hone skills like leadership and teamwork. very member of Narola actively participated in various sports and it was a great display of sportsmanship. There was excitement, laughter, anger, and a lot of competitiveness among them.

Dec 19

Picnic Day

It’s time for fun and frolic. We believe in working harder and taking a well-deserved break from time to time. This time the destination was Atapi Wonderland. We got our hearts racing in many adventurous rides and had a day that filled us with memories to last a lifetime.

Nov 19

Diwali Celebration

We dressed in our traditional best to celebrate Diwali in the office. There was decoration, rangoli competition, and distribution of sweets. Just like we light the diya in our homes, we lit them at Narola.

Oct 19

Company Day

As Narola completed its 14 successful years, it was time for a grand celebration. The contribution of everyone was recognized with awards and trophies. There was food, dance, and music. We all felt rejuvenated for yet another year of the company’s success.

Sep 19


We all do celebrate Navratri with our friends and families. That is exactly what we did at Narola too. There was dance, music, and lots of fun and celebrations for Navratri in its true spirit.

Aug 19

Independence Day

Our yearly ritual of flag hoisting was conducted with splendour as we hoisted the national flag together with patriotic feelings in our hearts.

June 19

DJ party

A power-packed DJ party was organized by Narola @Neon The Disc. All the members were observed to be at their energetic best and had great fun dancing to the beats of engaging music.

April 19

Movie Day!

Narola Infotech family spent an amazing evening at the moving outing watching “Kalank!” on 17th April. A Happy employee is all we want. We believe, If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients. The movie treat was our way of showing appreciation for the hard work they do!

Feb 19

Narola Sports Day

Sports are important as they rejuvenate the mind and bring in the best qualities like team spirit in us.

Jan 19

Annual Kite Festival

The working atmosphere of Narola Infotech offers a great opportunity not only to learn and grow but also to live and enjoy the best moments of professional life. The kite festival is an excellent example of this. The Narola family enjoys a great day at the kite festival on 13th January, a day before Utarayan.

Dec 18

Cricket Celebration In Winter Season

Regular cricket tournaments and other sports are the key traits of the company. They allow team members to get connected with each other. With such activities, they develop a friendly bond with others that help them to work together with great efficiency.

Jun 18

Personality Development

Sessions for personality development and skill enhancement are an important part of Narola’s activities. It allows employees and trainees to deliver and gain the knowledge that aid to their skill development.

Apr 18

Team Outing Once In Year

Various team building activities are performed during outings and trips. Narolites enjoy the outings with a lot of fun and entertainment. The company frequently organizes visits to various picnic spots like Devcamp and amusement parks like Esselworld. to let its employees revitalize physical and mental energy.

Jun 18


We showcase the creativity of employees. We host a number of innovative events at Narola. Such a platform enables members to bring to light their talent and inventiveness. With this, they gain a great opportunity to polish their diversion.

Oct 18

Yearly DJ Party Event

The company also organizes dance and music nights and evenings. We have regular DJ parties as a part of its entertainment. The rocking music and dance floor allow everyone to have great fun and enjoy a tension-free moment.

Jun 18

Navratri Celebration

Traditional events are also a regular part of Narola. Navaratri celebrations and dandiya raas are the major elements of this event. Employees enthusiastically celebrate the Navratri event and enjoy dandiya nights.

Oct 18

Ganesh Visarjan Annually

The main attraction at Narola Infotech is the celebration of Ganesh Visarjan. All the employees and members of the company come together as a family and organize and celebrate this great spiritual event.

Jun 18

Diwali Celebration

When it comes to making plans for the Diwali celebration, all the members are filled with full of enthusiasm and dedication. They excellently plan and execute the entire function. They take special pleasure in taking part in the various games and events that happen at that time.

Oct 18

Anniversary Celebration

The company’s anniversary is celebrated every year on 4th October with great zeal and enthusiasm. A lot of entertaining activities are performed on the day. Appetizing food is served along with a delicious cake cutting session.

Dec 18

Company Picnic Once In Year

The company picnic and tour is also a striking element of it. Various sports and entertainment activities are performed for all team members. This helps in creating an energetic and family environment among all the Narolites.

Apr 18

Mannequin Challenge

To build a friendly environment in the office, Narolites actively take part in various interesting activities of the company. Mannequin challenge is one such amusing and engaging activity in which people remain frozen like a mannequin while performing their actions.

Dec 18

Thanks Giving Celebration Event : Mannequin Challenge

To build a friendly environment in the office, Narolites actively take part in various interesting activities of the company. Mannequin challenge is one such amusing and engaging activity in which people remain frozen like a mannequin while performing their actions.

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