iOS 10 Review


It has been three days to the launch of latest iOS development, and hence, it is the appropriate time to review it and let the world now – how users are finding it?

We have taken the reviews of the common users who are using iOS 10 since last three days. We have not gone to any expert to discuss the newly released operating system for Apple’s mobile devices because we understand – critic give a technical view while users give it a common view which will be more appreciable among the masses.

Apple claim that it has brought some sensational changes in the news, messages and notifications section. However, people has some different view, they say – ‘The said sections have changed undoubtedly but the upgrades are not that sensational, they are good but not outstanding.’ The modification that have drive the attention of the user is – Home Screen. Yes, users are happy and excited about the changes in HomeScreen. A user stated – ‘Apple users were waiting since long to see big changes in the home screen and we are lucky to get all such changes in one single. The home screen is now turned better and more helpful’.

The second thing that is driving the user crazy is all new emoji section. Now, you can swap the words with the pictograms. When you text someone now, you will be able to add pictograms in place of several words, example – home, shower and many others. This is making users crazy to the core as the same is giving all new chatting experience to the user.

The most productive change that users found in iOS 10 is – Update Siri. The virtual voice lady has gone social now – It is open to third party application. Now, all new siri can check your Linkedin Update, can book a cab for you and can text people in slack. The users are finding it wonderful and feeling good with the same.

People are also loving the ‘find the car’ features. It is most common thing among the people that they forget – where they have exactly park their car and spend a lot of time in locating. But, with new feature in iOS to locate the car, you can find it easily in the parking area. All you need to have is bluetooth enabled the car and rest of things will be settled by operating system itself. That’s pretty wonderful!

People feel that iOS 10 is just great in many areas and average in a few. iOS developer section has really work hard on innovation and modification in iOS 10 and the same can be seen in its amazing features. So, overall – people are finding iOS 10 pretty good and are happy to have it.


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