January 20, 2021

Leena Sanap


The blog talks about 4 Questions a candidate must ask in a job interview. An interview is a two-way process in which you are equally eligible to ask the question to the interviewer or interviewing panel. As a software development company in India, we interview a number of candidates. Mostly, the person getting interviewed does not ask any question thinking that it will go against his candidature and he has no right to do so. But, to excel in an interview, it is important to ask logical questions as it generates confidence in the minds of the interviewers regarding your job application.

Now, the most important question is what kind of questions, you can ask in an interview and what do they actually mean, and what impression they make among the interviewer(s). Let us have a look at these questions:

The first among the questions a candidate must ask in a job interview is:

Who all are there in my department and how many people are there with the same job profile?

This question is to know who all will be the person you will be dealing with and who all will be the employees who are on the same stage as you are. The interviewer feels happy about the question as he thinks that you are taking initiative in knowing about your department and it also shows your enthusiasm to work with them

Who will be the reporting person and If you select me – can I meet him prior to joining?

It is good to have a word with the reporting person to understand his thought process and what he wants from you on an immediate basis after joining. You will surely impress the interviewer with this question. He will be more clear in your professional sector and your great concern towards the work.

Will there be any individual working for me? If yes, I would like to have a quick meet with them.

It is equally important to meet with the juniors who will be working under you. This will allow you to gel-well with them and the juniors will be well-versed with you on your joining day. So, you can start the work right from the first day. The interviewer will definitely like this move as it will confirm that you are here to set things on a positive track right from the first day.

What all additional role you want me to perform?

ob description mentions the duties. However, most of the time, a candidate has to perform a lot many more tasks. It is good to know about such tasks. This will help you to prepare for them in advance. The interviewer will take it on a positive note and will secretly praise your mind for thinking far beyond just your job responsibilities.

Questions related to HR or your relevant field

There are many such questions you can ask the interviewer along with some HR based ones. If you are related to the website or mobile application development in India or overseas you can even ask questions related to some new updates in your field. This will clear many doubts from your mind and everything will be crystal between you and the organization.

We hope that now you know the questions a candidate must ask in a job interview. Give your comments and suggestions in the comments section. To read more such blogs enter your email address and subscribe to our newsletter.

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