February 9, 2021


Leena Sanap


Fastest Growing Channel

When it comes to customer acquisition, Influencer marketing is certainly the fastest growing platforms with more than 70% of businesses are eyeing a return of 100% profit. In fact, the top 13% of marketers are gaining 1000% percent returns through influencer marketing.

High Return Guaranteed

According, more than 59% of marketers are planning to enhance their ad budget because of their firm belief in influencer marketing.

Trusted Results

More than 51% of marketers think they get much better customers with influencer marketing because it all begins with the trust.

More Visibility

Influencer video on Youtube is certainly a great path to find 20 times more visibility than your own platforms.

Value for Money

Around 85% of shoppers now purchase only after checking the reviews online.

Higher Conversion Rate

If you are using influencers to share your content, the chances of conversion increases by 3x-10x rate!

More Sales with Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth is certainly going to enhance the purchase rate by 50x when compared to any impersonal advertisement.

Enhancing Social Presence

More than 50% of users make use of Facebook for their needs of influencer marketing campaigns to enhance social presence.

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