Who is the Winner - Android vs iOS Developer?

Who is the Winner – Android vs iOS Developer?

Apple iOS developers spend most of their time coding. Android developers? They use the main part of their time testing and debugging their code, as per an Evans Data report.

This isn’t because Android developers must compensate for poor code with increased QA, or that iOS developers are blasé about code quality. Or maybe, it’s because of Android fragmentation, which forces developers to spend additional time testing disparate equipment, an issue no other versatile stage has.

Aggravating matters, iOS developers profit, all things considered, than their Android peers.

Diverse Platforms, Different Schedules

The platforms developers choose will manage where they spend the dominant part of their time, as an Evans Data survey of 400 versatile developers suggests.

Among those surveyed, more Android developers (36%) say testing and debugging is the most tedious phase of advancement than whatever other gathering. By contrast, the largest gathering of iOS developers (31%) say they spend most of their time doing real coding. For developers focusing on Windows Phone, it’s the design phase.

Coders need to code, so why do they spend so much time testing and debugging with Android?

Given that there are more than 1,600 devices in the Android SDK, it’s not surprising Android developers must spend an over the top measure of time testing and debugging. That is a hell of a considerable measure of equipment and software configurations to QA.

And keeping in mind that Android fellow benefactor Rich Miner has called Android fragmentation “an exaggerated issue,” it’s difficult to take a gander at this visualization noted on the Droid Report and not perceive the effect it has on developers:

For iOS developers, of course, there’s far less fragmentation, as the organization has (over)stated on its developer site.

Apple’s simple pie graph isn’t a genuine apples-to-apples comparison with Android’s, partially because it doesn’t represent distinctive iDevices running the various working system versions. Still, the fact of the matter is made: iOS developers manage far less fragmentation thus get the chance to spend additional time on their code.

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