Is Pune the hub of IT Industry?

Is Pune the hub of IT Industry?

Pune, though based in Maharashtra, but is known for its varied culture. The colors of culture, that Pune has, is because of the professionals from all across the country come here in search of jobs and get settled here. The Software Development Company in Pune welcomes mass group of professionals for career purpose. If we look at the stats, mobile app development companies in Pune has tremendously increased in recent years. The main reason is the giants, like – TCS and Infosys were already there. This gave an opportunity to the other midsize players in the market to have their base in the city. Likewise, other small, mid and big size it companies made Pune their development center.

Pune – A Software Development Company sector

Now, when Pune has become a prominent place for IT. More and more companies are coming to the city. According to a study – Pune is the second preferred locations for the IT employees after Bengaluru. It is a fact that – Pune is ranked third in employing most number of candidates with CS or IT background. The another fact says- the openings for software developer in Pune ranks at second across India. This stats are good enough to prove the raising standard of the city in Information Technology.

However, we must also give a look to its most closest competitor. The Bengaluru is clearly ahead of Pune in terms of IT industry, whereas Ahmedabad is behind it. But, looking at the development of IT companies in ‘Manchester of India, it will soon share the spot with Pune. The reason behind the increasing popularity of Ahmedabad in IT sector is its no-alcohol plus safe & sound security. The professionals, especially the girls, love to work in the city for the same reason. Also, the government of the state ‘Gujarat, takes a lot of initiative to make it more favorable for the IT industry.

Why prefered over other cities?

Coming back to Pune, infrastructure of the city is quite good and there are various location in an around city where professionals can enjoy during week-offs or in Holidays. The night life is pretty awesome as compared to Ahmedabad, which is one another reasons that youngsters prefer Pune. The future of the software development company in Pune looks bright because of the recent development made by the state government in favor of the IT industry. Looking at these many favorable factors, Pune is undoubtedly a hub for IT development companies.

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