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Responsible for carving a productive business environment, Ashish is the pillar of Narola Infotech. Yes, he is the man behind the growth and success of the company in the IT industry. The sound advisor and inspirational leader suit him perfectly as he attracts larger clients and talented workforce to join hands with the company. He takes hold of all the responsibilities and acts as a perfect all-arounder to help the company in any which way. He will always make things better and simpler from all the angles which can benefit the company for the long term. From having set Goals to a brilliant mind, Ashish is surely paving the road of success for Narola Infotech quite magnificently.

Whatever be the project, he will always bring in the best of solutions to work on it. He will always come up with the best approach and bring in the best candidate to achieve the results with complete perfection. He takes the responsibility of the entire organization and always has valuable inputs to help clients in the best possible way.

From joining hands with the best talents to deciding on the coming actions of the company, Ashish being the Chair-Person of the company is surely architecting Narola in the finest way possible.

ASHISHChief Executive Officer
nilesh sir copy
NILESHChief Technology Officer

Known for providing sound technological benefits- Mr. Nilesh Paladiya covers all the aspects to help Narola with its technical leadership. He takes care of the technicalities in all aspects of the business. From communicating with clients and employees to bringing in the best technological benefits for the company, he has a very big role to play in the company’s success. He takes responsibility for a number of IT-subdomains and in-house ventures by helping them with the best technological attributes. With him working by our side, we promise customers complete fulfillment for their needs and requirements.

He is well-versed with all the latest and upcoming technological trends and how it can be helpful with different business concepts. He takes care of all the essential components of Narola and paves way for a modern approach which can benefit the organization in keeping up with consistency and continuous dominance.

From determining specialized questions to defeating standard obstacles, he is the pied-piper of Narola Infotech.

Paresh takes complete responsibility for making the company operations easier with the inclusion of technological aspects. Yes, he has very sound knowledge in examining how with technology help company operations and bring in better results. He is the powerhouse when it is about using tech knowledge and information to help Narola-one of the highly acclaimed web application development company in India, enhance its domain in this industry. From framing technological strategies to enhancing the efficacy and efficiency of the tech aspects of the company, Paresh plays a very important role in all the domains. Having 15 years of experience in CGI, USA, Paresh has worked in the territories like HR, Vendor Management, Tax and Health Care for USA State, Federal, and Local government.

Having a clear vision, Paresh has always helped in bringing in the art of innovative solutions, product, and services which can not only benefit the company but its global clients also. WIth more product development and service offerings, Paresh is going to prove to be one of the most important aspects of boosting the capabilities of Narola by enhancing its technical attributes. He has been always close to technical advancements and has always worked in the important business segments to help Narola with a systematic approach and technological development.

PARESHChief Information Officer
DIPAKChief Strategy Officer

Mr. Dipak plays a very important and crucial role in keeping the work process in a best and systemized way. He has achieved success in all department whatever be the task and has always helped Narola- one of the best professional mobile application development company in India, to attain the best results. He has always worked to give Narola a good boost in terms of development and growth at the quickest time possible. As he comes from the technical background, he will assess the growth of the market in a matter of seconds and strategize accordingly to help the company in the best possible manner

Dipak is putting the best foot forward to help the digital marketing team with all the assistance to enhance the ROI of the company. Yes, his powerful presence has help Narola to uplift and monetize all the services and bring the best possible return.

His colleagues praised his efforts by stating, “ With Mr. Dipak by your side, you can surely achieve wonderful results each and every day. He is just the best a fresher can get and energy boosters to ones who are an experienced and very knowledgeable database to the specialists. His presence is good enough to help you your work appropriately.”

Prerna has been the game changer of Narola. Since she has join hands with the company, she the best answers for the growing demand of mobile application services. Yes, she has been phenomenal in hiring top mobile developers in India and help clients all around the world with top-notch services as per their needs. Being a degree holder in Information and Communication Technology, she executes each and every task without any sort of flaws. She keeps mobile-driven technology very close to her heart.

When it is about mobile application development and enhancement at Narola, Prerna has to be given the credit of exceptional success Narola has acknowledged in so less time. Her team considers her to be the power bank of dedication and inspiration to deliver excellence each and every day.

PRERNAProject Manager : Mobile
Our Team
Philip DiMuroRegional Business Development Manager

There is no one better than Philip DiMuro to help Narola achieve exceptional marketing results. From being a big source of positivity to be the most dedicated, Philip DiMuro has stood out in taking care of all the company needs. Yes, from onboarding new clients to system designing and execution of marketing plans, he has taken care of each and everything. Always working to help clients attain complete value money services, Philip DiMuro exceeds expectations in delivering the best service in all the endeavors he works under.

Mr. Urvish Narola is the mind behind the growth of business diagram of Narola. His know-how, approach, and endeavors just push the company to rise above all the odds in quick time. Yes, he has an excellent knowledge of business figures which helps him to strategize the best for the company. He has acquired Business Administration Master’s degree from one the most reputed B-school. The zeal of taking initiative and making Narola be the best in providing offshore mobile application development services in India has been a big game changer for the organization for sure. He has the best know-how of abroad market combined with the know-how of managing the clients.

He has a great understanding of the market movement and designing the objective accordingly. He has been a very energetic executor of all the plans to help clients attain the best possible services without any sort of hassle.

His colleagues think of him as- a man with various claims to fame, methodologies, rationales, and procedures.

Our Team
URVISHVP - Business Development
Our Team
Dave PhelanRegional Business Development Manager

Talking about business development, there has been a very important hand of Dave Phelan in achieving the best results. Helping Narola with fast product launch makes Dave Phelan one of the most important persons in the team. His amazing attitude in the field of software development and improvement group makes him one of the pioneer executives of the company.

Mr. Suresh has 6 years of experience in different IT domains like PHP MVC structure, WordPress, Javascript, jQuery, and CSS. He is the customer fulfillment administrator who is responsible for all the successful web ventures. He is qualified with the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and has been growing in the domain of IT with complete dominance. He has a played a very important role in making Narola offer top quality website application development services in India. It would surely not have been possible without his capabilities and commitment.

He has been a manager of SDLC and is a keen observer of each web venture in-house to make it is delivered in the set time period. With him being a manager, we are able to offer clients commitment of top-notch quality and security all the time.

His teammates are very happy to work with him and considers him to be very quiet, comprehensive and helpful.

suresh copy
SURESHProject Manager : Web
HenishPatel-500×500-mtg6oep6olx0zs3qoitjon9pk99qooui729eansrd4 copy

Considered as ‘Credit’ to the company, Henish is one of the best resources to have in the meantime. He has 9 years of experience and is the account head of the company. His amazing administration services surely helps the company in cutting expenses big time. Being a promoter, he always encourages the company to take their work process ahead keeping all the legitimate terms in mind. He has an amazing knowledge in the subject of book-keeping and this allows him to take complete control of all the business exchanges without any glitches.

He has always delivered the results related to the domain of accountancy without any flaws at all. He likes working with numbers, so be it monetary challenge or issue, he always has the best possible answer to settle the. You name the accounting or bookkeeping term, and he will have an answer for it all the time.

He is considered to be an in-house accounting Guru and the organization always look up to him for all kinds of aspects and questions. His commitment to his work has made him achieve this seat. He plays a very important role in keeping the work operations in balance in terms of employees and management. According to him, it is very important to build a link between management and employees and there can be no better than an HR manager to that.

He has excellent management and recruitment skills which helps Narola to get the best talents to work with them. He understands the needs of the company pretty well and helps them an exact resource to get the work completed with perfection. He has all the knowledge in the world to attract the best employee in the company and take all the responsibility of scheduling the interview, selection, hiring and maintaining the employment relationship in the best possible way. He makes the environment very good to work and serve.

He is very devoted towards his work and takes complete care of yearly recruitment and various other functional strategies of the company to help it grow at a quick pace.

Our Team
Yahya Irani HR Manager

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