January 23, 2021


Leena Sanap


The two terminologies ‘Big Data’ and ‘App Analytics’ are been used in every industry and are positively providing benefits to them in more logical aspects. However, it can be a lot much advantageous for the industries if they use them in sync.

Suppose, you have an application running on all popular app stores. The app has collected ‘big data’ in form of the information shared by the visitors on your app or in another way — the visitors themselves will feature in the big data. Now, when you have a big data available with you, certainly you will be required to filter it or separate it into parts so that you can have categorized data that can be used effectively for varied business purposes. But, now the question is — how such big data can be categorized? The answer is — through the use of multiple app analytic tools.

App analytics tools help in analyzing the behavior of the visitors on your app in multiple ways. There are certain analytic tools out there in the market that can help in deriving the mood of the visitors from various angles. Some of the key things they can investigate is:

  • App analytic tools are capable of finding out — what all features of the applications visitors has used the most and the least.
  • There are tools available in the market that can help you in connecting live with the user. They also have capabilities to track all ‘live’ users on the app at certain point of time and can give you collected data in seconds. Further, you can offer the live audience something attractive to make them perform particular action. This way, you can give a boost to your respective objective in productive/decided hours.
  • If you are not getting the expected response on the app, certain analytic tools can help you with cash analytics. This mainly includes the sections where the visitor is facing the problem with your app.
  • A few analytics tools also help with analyzing the response over the advertisement available on your app.
  • You can also find — which section of your app have been used most by the visitors through the app analytic tool.


So, now you have categorized data. The same can be used for the different aspects, like -Increasing the user engagement.Enhancing the productivity of the app.Working on your weak points and make them compatible.Providing solution to the visitors as per their behavior.Increasing the sale by offering visitors things of their interest — recorded through behavioral analytic app.

Technology is available for all, but difference lies in — how you use it which ultimately decides how productive you can be in utilizing it.

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