How to Revive Your Non-Productive App


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App Renovation – Give Power to your Lame App

As ‘Rusted Jeep in Garage Cannot Offer you A Long Drive’, similarly – an unproductive application in the app store won’t offer you any commercial benefits’. We are living in mobile generation, where its has become essential for the business individuals to be strongly up on the mobile market to ensure longevity in the business. A paralyzed app can harm the reputation of your brand and business along with disappointing your target audience on a larger scale.


What is a lame app?

An application which reflect errors in varied or single category, like – technical, programming, conceptual, running, structure etc are considered as lame app. These apps do not provide complete help to the individuals using it leaving them frustrated and turning them negative towards the native brand. It is a fact that these apps are gradually increasing in number, which also ensure that business individuals are not completely clear on how to develop an app.


What is the reason of problem?

The problem occurs during the application development procedure. Any lapse or error in any step of the process results in invention of flawful app. This mainly happens when the developers or team you have hired to create an app are not experienced and do not possess the right skills to do the job appropriately.


What is the Solution?

Before having a look at the actual solution, it is also necessary to understand its significance. Googling the problem on the web to have solution won’t help as you will not get head to toe solution over the same. Here, it is crucial to know that – material or help available in the blogs or articles are partial suggestion to solve out the problem. Therefore, using them you cannot have complete escape from the problem.


A lot of individuals happen to get the incomplete information and they end up making the problem more complexed. Hence, a dedicated solution was highly needed.


Realizing the need of the complete solution and after analyzing the problem from every corner, we have developed an eBook which entirely focus on the matter – how to revive your non-productive app? This will also help you in analyzing – where does the problem actually lies and what are it causes? The solution offered is tested on standard parameters. Thus, you need not to think over its ‘authentication’ factor.

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