January 25, 2021


Leena Sanap


How are your onboarding programs? The employee onboarding process is one of the best chances to bring the new employees on the right track. So, what are the onboarding best practices? According to sources, 69% of new employees are likely to stay with the company for a minimum of 3 years. This is possible if they experience great onboarding. A well-constructed process is beneficial for both the employee and employer in long term. We have discussed how to improve the onboarding process in this article.

Based on a study conducted by the “Academy of Management Journal” on 264 employees. In particular, the initial 3 months of employment are important to build empathy with colleagues. Moreover, a new recruit needs time to understand the brand and business. That makes employee onboarding an important aspect.

Companies should look for ways to integrate employees fully. With this in mind, they should not slot employees into their new roles. A website or mobile app development company uses this formula for successful onboarding.

So, what you can do to improve the onboarding experience for new hires? We discuss the crucial elements to boost your onboarding program.

Outline learning objectives

Set out the roles and responsibilities of the new employee at the time of hire. It is imperative that the expectations of the employee are in-line with that of the firm. Set Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. This will help you guide your new hires in a better way.

Moreover, it will broaden their skills. As a matter of fact, such a corporate onboarding process gives the new employees a great sense of satisfaction. In reality, they feel very happy when they achieve a milestone.

Remember that if you meet the requirements of the employees they will become valuable. These valuable employees will hesitate to seek employment anywhere else. In the first place, monitor the progress of employees towards KPIs. On the other hand, after a few months of onboarding do a cross-check. This will determine if the new hires need additional training to fill the knowledge gaps.

Improve onboarding process by Engaging well with new employees

Another key point, engage the new employees from the moment they accept your offer. The seniors should mentor and support the new hires. This will give an extra layer of comfort. Additionally, it will open doors for ongoing learning and support. The onboarding best practice is a single-sided conversation with employees.

It is important to give them a chance to clarify some points or make comments. Ask managers to share the team goals. They should discuss their management style and key performance metrics. This will help the new employee to understand the priorities of the team.

Don’t ignore company culture

Company culture is something that job seekers often consider. It helps them to understand if they fit well into the company. Let the new hires know what they can expect from the company. Encourage them to engage with other employees. Help them understand the kind of atmosphere. These onboarding activities will make the new hires feel wanted.

Moreover, a company cannot neglect the process of onboarding activities. An employee should know the company culture well. Otherwise, it can pose a huge risk. This is because the employees will probably act according to their previous company. They will pass the same to their team.

Bottom Line

A company can be successful if they improve the onboarding process. Moreover, It takes time and reflects on the efforts put into them. The first few weeks are very crucial to influence new hires. You can set the right tone to build a long-term relationship with your business. The time you invest in the employee onboarding process will reap rewards in the long run. Along with all these things, you can take benefit of Human Resource Management Product to manage organization stuff.

We hope that the article will help you improve the onboarding process of your company. Please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section below. Subscribe to our newsletter for the game, mobile, and web app development-related blogs.

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