How to expand my team quickly at low risk?

With the aim of building capacity to shorten software development lifecycle, organizations are ramping up their resource pool by hiring developers from geographical location other than their own to add value to the software development projects. There is a high risk of losing out on a business opportunity, if you do not find enough qualified software development professionals in your own region in a short notice. In such cases, you should turn towards building virtually distributed team by choosing an offshore software development partner. This is exactly what your competitors are doing right now – they are teaming up with offshore software development service providers’ vast pool of talented resources and leveraging on the technical expertise of the global talent.

Let us analyze some of the different ways in which you can expand your software development team are discussed below:

  1. Hire an in-house developer: Though you can hire a programmer onshore but as discussed in our last article on Comparison of offshore and onshore team, hiring an onshore developer is a much expensive proposition both in terms of salary and compliance with federal, state and local employment laws.
  2. Hiring an offshore developer: You can hire an offshore developer for a pay-for-work arrangement which is more result oriented at low cost. This can be done in two ways:
    • Using a freelancing site such as Elance, Guru and oDesk etc. you can hire individual contractors. Though they might charge little less but their reliability and scalability is always skeptical. The individuals or small-time companies working as virtual contractors might lack the complete infrastructural support to deliver project milestones on time and as per the expected quality standards. In crisis situations, their capacity to manage risk is limited, thus endangering business continuity.
    • Or else, you can outsource your software development to an offshore outsourcing service provider firm. These firms have an established reputation in the IT industry with a wide client base. For example, Narola InfoTech, being one of the largest IT companies in region, has close to 80+ software professionals with top notch talent in custom programming expertise in development environment like .NET (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET) and PHP. The renowned project management program, communication tools, 24*7 high speed internet with backup and UPS backup for any electricity failure ensures that Narola InfoTech successfully deliver on its commitments to its 500+ clients across the globe!

Thus we distill from the above discussion that it is less risky and more profitable to outsource your software development requirements to an offshore outsourcing firm like Narola InfoTech.

Keeping with the industry demands, Narola InfoTech has started a ‘Hire a Developer’ service offering. This is based on scrum model. We focus our efforts on adopting a collaborative and open approach to give you an offshore extension of your internal onsite team. You can co-create value from the collective knowledge of both the offshore and onsite teams to achieve higher product performance and enhance business value.

Highlights of our approach are:

  • Focus on the highest business value features first to avoid any unnecessary waste.
  • Prioritize and remove obstacles to enhance productivity and quality.
  • Continuous inspect-adapt improvement cycle to embrace change and minimize risk.
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