January 5, 2022


Rohit Rawat


If you want to invest in social media app development, you must prepare it keeping in mind the needs of brands. Businesses and individuals now rely on social media to promote their products and talent. 

But, they need data on their performance and user behavior to analyze which type of content will work. Therefore, you must provide them with a tool that gives them insight into their audience. It will also be a huge plus for your app like Facebook.

This article will discuss how your Facebook like app can help businesses grow their audience.

How Facebook Insights Tool Can Help Businesses


Collecting Data

After analyzing the competitors, it is time for business owners to use the data of their page and create a strategy. Sometimes it gets difficult to analyze data, especially if the amount of data is large. So, the insights tool of your Facebook clone app can help in collecting the data in the following ways:

  • The first way in which your tool can help businesses is its placement. Make it easily accessible to business owners. Give them the option to toggle it according to their requirement.
  • Once they are inside the tool, they must have the option to check insights.  It could be for up to a month or maybe more, depending on their need. Your app like Facebook can present these insights in the form of graphs and pie charts.
    Visual representation of data can be more insightful than numbers. However, you can give them the added benefit of downloading the data in the form of an excel sheet.
  • The tool must divide the data into four categories- consolidated, page, post, and video if any.

Analyzing Data

The consolidated data in the Facebook clone app development will help business owners analyze the report effectively. If they have KPIs, they will be able to easily check the performance of their page. Providing insights about individual posts will also help them understand what kind of content works for them.

There are three important indicators that you must include in the insights report-


This indicates the number of people who have clicked the "Like" button on one of the posts. Likes are a sure sign that someone is appreciating their social media posts. This is something that they should constantly strive to improve. That will indicate that people are interested in the stuff they are sharing.

User Engagement

User engagement is extremely important for a brand to grow on your Facebook like app. Engaged users not only like the post, but they also share it on their timeline as well. They may also share that post on their story. This metric is very important for the brand. They must constantly strive to improve it.

Video Stats

This metric will indicate how users interact with the brand’s video content.

All these metrics are extremely important for business. It not only helps in understanding user preference but also assists in making excellent strategies.

Analyzing Posts

The analysis of the individual posts gives insight into the reach of the post.  Reach is the number of unique people that view the post. This metric helps brands in two ways-

  • If the reach is high, it means that new users are viewing the post. This is great if the business wants to capture a new market. It can keep posting similar types of content to reach new audiences.
  • If the brand wants to generate more engagement, they will post content that their existing followers relate to. Their focus will be more on increasing likes, comments, and shares. In this case, even if the reach is low, they will be able to meet their KPI.

Brands can use this trick if they have an Instagram clone app too.

Strategize Using Insights

The features of the insights tool mentioned above will help businesses identify and create content relevant for them. Depending on their requirement, they can tweak the content. They can measure the insights and make changes accordingly. But most importantly, they need to ask the right questions.

They must conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and find gaps and opportunities to improve. The competitor analysis done at the initial stage will further facilitate the lead generation strategy.

Every brand's social media presence is unique. What works for one may not work for another. Furthermore, it would be quite easy for potential consumers to identify similar content. So, your Facebook clone app will help brands create unique content that their users will appreciate.

In Conclusion

The data from the insights tool gives businesses a plethora of information. The steps outlined in the article will help them analyze the information they need. They use that information to improve their presence and achieve business goals.

But for that to happen, it is important that these tools function smoothly. Any kind of error in calculating the data can lead to a huge loss of business. Our social media app development company can make a Facebook clone app and equip it with powerful insights tools. 

All you have to do is contact us and discuss your unique idea for Facebook clone app development. Narola Infotech will manage the rest for you!

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