Last Updated: November 23, 2023


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If you have many users on your app like Instagram, then you will have many small businesses too. This is because they stand to benefit the most from using your app. Your app provides a cost-effective way to reach a large number of people. Not only locally but in other countries as well. However, they face a problem when having to communicate with customers who speak a different language. This might make them lose out on business.

But you can help them by providing translation services through your app. In this article, we will discuss how your app like Instagram can help small businesses by breaking the language barrier.

How Breaking the Language Barrier on Your App Like Instagram Helps Small Businesses

How Translation Feature of Your App Like Instagram Helps Small Businesses

Communicate Without Difficulty

Imagine coming across a product that seems attractive and might be of use to you. However, you don't understand the language in which the caption is written! Also, there is no way to translate the text. It’s obvious that you will move on to another business offering a similar product with a readable caption.

If you look at these types of situations from the perspective of business owners, they are losing business. In the case of users, they might miss out on a product that might be the right fit for them. As for you, the app owner, you will lose users if these kinds of things happen repeatedly. 

It is clear that effective communication is the key to growing a business. Business owners look to social platforms to help them send messages to their target audience. Since many businesses will use your Instagram Clone App for business, you must include a translation feature in your app.

Translation fills the gaps in communication and ensures that consumers are always on the same page as the business. Translating the content into several languages ensures that people from all over the world will understand it. A small business can easily become successful if it is promoted to the appropriate people in the right way.

Grow Customer Base

Translation services might assist brands in reaching a wider audience and expanding their business. Businesses can attract more customers if they tailor their content to diverse audiences. More customers equal more revenue and profit. 

Many businesses overlook the importance of effective translation. If small businesses make the necessary efforts to make their products available to everyone, they can easily attract more customers. Many of their competitors don't focus on translation. So, they will have an immediate advantage in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

This is another important reason why you must add translation features during your Instagram clone app development. The brands that give importance to translation will happily install and use your app.

Fulfill Customer Expectations

Foreign customers want to purchase in their own language, and from businesses who provide that option. Localizing the business page and its content can give brands the appearance of a local business. This is a significant benefit for small businesses. When a consumer sees something like this, they are more likely to trust a brand. They will feel safe when conducting business with them. 

Brands can decrease the promotion or social media marketing required by speaking to customers in their chosen language. The localized business account will handle most of the marketing for them. That will make it much easier to bring on new, international consumers as well as local ones.  

As the app owner, it becomes your responsibility to make sure your app like Instagram offers brands what they need. In this case, a translation feature will work wonders for the brand and for your app.  

No Error in Translation

For a variety of reasons, accurate translation services will provide brands with peace of mind. One of the most important points is that there will be no opportunity for error. Brands can breathe easily if there is no possibility of misinterpretation or mistranslation.

It might be detrimental to the business if the translation or interpretation is inaccurate. If this happens frequently enough, brands will lose customers' confidence. That will be quite damaging to their reputation. 

Dissatisfied customers are more likely to post bad reviews, resulting in a drop in sales. Bad reviews could cause brands to leave your app like Instagram for a competitor app with better features. 

In Conclusion

All the above-mentioned points prove how important it is for a social media marketing platform to have translation features. The benefits that small businesses can reap from it is priceless. 

That makes it crucial for you to include translation features in your app like Instagram that work seamlessly. Our developers at Narola Infotech have made similar apps with functional features. Book an appointment with us if you want to build a similar app or integrate translation features in your existing app.

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