From Then to Now: How Android has Changed?

From then and now How android has Changed-01

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Have a look into Android Development Journey

Do you use android phone? Do you love your android phone and do you wish to know – how android phone came to life? YES! Then we are here to offer you the same.


Android OS was designed with a sole purpose of widening the reach and the use of mobile devices. The then mobile systems were not that useful and lacked rich user experience. They were nothing more than a multimedia device that can offer some generic help. Thus, something revolutionary was required to change the things for mobile devices.


The android developers planned a lot for coming up with a robust mobile operating system. There were several brainstorm meetings, discussion sessions, planning and lot more things to bring a dynamic mobile OS to life. Finally, after thorough dedication and planning, the mode for android phones were set.


Now, the next big thing was to bring ideas into reality, which was very difficult as they were working in the direction where no-one ever went. Hence, it was a big challenge. But, the android developers worked day-in, day-out to shape their dreams into reality. And finally after lot of hustle and bustle, they were able to create the first version of android phone.


But what happened after that? When Google acquired android, what were the next versions, how android platform changes in course of time? There must be several other questions in your mind. The answers of all such question lies in the Ebook, we have specially developed for Android – as a sign of tribute to the world most popular mobile operating system on the occasion of its upcoming 10th anniversary.

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