Who is Better:

Freelance Developer or a Remote Developer from a Company?

While outsourcing development of a web site or Ecommerce store, there are usually two options: hire a freelance developer or a web development company. Here is a brief comparison of the two routes.


  •  Limited resources in terms of hardware, network and power backup
  • Experience with only one or a few technologies. Cannot fully meet today’s web standards.
  •  May be a moonlighter or part timer, may face time constraints. Consequently, your project may run  into delays and cost overruns.
  •  No backup in case of sickness or emergency. Can cause serious delays.
  •  Security can be a serious issue
  •  May or may not offer cost advantage vs. Quality, considering a web site is serious business proposition.


  •  Higher availability of hardware, network and power backup
  •  Has more personnel experienced in various technologies to deliver better web experience and business  standards
  •  Companies employ full-timers who work under a formal, structured company regime. Ability to meet  agreed timelines.
  •  A company hires many people and can quickly assign replacements to fill short or long term absences.  Timely delivery.
  •  As an established business concern, a web development company has serious stake in securing your  trade secrets.
  •  Costs may be very marginally more than freelancer, but far less compared to in-house development.  Superior quality is essential to achieve business goals.

One Drawback

While a web development company is comparatively better than a freelancer, it could prove to be rather rigid. Rarely, you can interact with the individual developers and put across your opinions. You are presented with a fait accompli most of the time.

Now here is the best solution: Narola.

Narola Infotech offers the best of advantages of outsourced web development. We have designed a one of its kind of flexi hiring model, where you can select the experts from a large team, interact with the chosen developers directly, oversee the development and enjoy cost-benefits.

To put it succinctly

  •  You have high flexibility of hiring remote developers who work under your direction
  •  The developers function under a formal and structured company regime
  •  The developers work with the benefit of a full-fledged infrastructure and collective knowledge
  •  You get high productivity and cost savings anywhere up to 75%

Hiring Remote web developers from Narola

Narola Infotech offers specialized knowledge and distinct skills.

  •  Aggregated experience and collective visualization of the team work for you
  •  The remote resources work under your direction during the project; they remain our employees and we manage all the HR  responsibilities. You are free from employment claims and day-to-day routine supervision.
  •  Our reputation is built up since 2005 and trusted by over 500 businesses worldwide.
  •  We manage your project better because of 7+ years of project management experience.
  •  We own one of the largest web development companies in this part of the world
  •  Full-fledged infrastructure comprising

– 3,675 Sq. Ft. office,
– Complete range of modern hardware,
– Latest open source technologies,
– 24×7 power,
– High-speed network,
– Abundant back-up of resources critical for Ecommerce site development

  •  We employ over 80 fulltime professionals; it is easy for us replace with equally proficient resource in  case anyone calls sick or resigns
  •  Senior developers on hand to mentor in the event of the resource hired by the client needs guidance
  •  Availability of various hardware such as servers, mobile devices of all types, screens and tablets helps  us to test web applications and mobile applications in real time. This ensures that the apps function  perfectly on different platforms including desktops, laptops, Smartphones, and tablets.
  •  We recruit developers after meticulous background checks and enter into detailed legal agreement with  each of them. Your code is secure and business secrets remain protected by meticulous NDAs.
  •  In case a resource leaves midway, Narola ensures transfer of entire knowledge to the alternate  developer.
  •  We assign a project manager who acts as a single point of contact and who oversees time-bound quality  deliveries.

Let us put it in nutshell: hiring Narola’s remote developers is the most cost and time efficient route to better web sites.

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