Who is Better:
Freelance Developer or a Remote Developer from a Company?


While outsourcing development of a web site or Ecommerce store, there are usually two options: hire a freelance developer or a web development company. Here is a brief comparison of the two routes.


  •  Limited resources in terms of hardware, network and power backup
  • Experience with only one or a few technologies. Cannot fully meet today’s web standards.
  •  May be a moonlighter or part timer, may face time constraints. Consequently, your project may run  into delays and cost overruns.
  •  No backup in case of sickness or emergency. Can cause serious delays.
  •  Security can be a serious issue
  •  May or may not offer cost advantage vs. Quality, considering a web site is serious business proposition.


  •  Higher availability of hardware, network and power backup
  •  Has more personnel experienced in various technologies to deliver better web experience and business  standards
  •  Companies employ full-timers who work under a formal, structured company regime. Ability to meet  agreed timelines.
  •  A company hires many people and can quickly assign replacements to fill short or long term absences.  Timely delivery.
  •  As an established business concern, a web development company has serious stake in securing your  trade secrets.
  •  Costs may be very marginally more than freelancer, but far less compared to in-house development.  Superior quality is essential to achieve business goals.

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