Trusted By 1500+ Happy Clients including these Fortune companies

Trusted By 1500+ Happy Clients including these Fortune companies

Accelerating innovation in the wealth management industry

Wealth management industry has enormous potential for disruption through FinTech innovation confirmed by 60% of insiders surveyed by PwC with investors at every level embracing online platforms. To capitalize on this opportunity, a comprehensive hybrid-advisory approach that leverages automation, analytics, digital, and cloud solutions is essential. By leveraging the right technology framework, we help wealth management firms reduce infrastructure costs and enhance the efficiency, speed, and scalability of the entire value chain.

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Digital Wealth Management Software

Partner with our experienced FinTech software developers to create a cutting-edge intelligent Wealth Management platform that seamlessly tracks, manages, and grows wealth according to your unique vision. Our digital ecosystem will be focused on reducing costs and streamlines processes, resulting in the best ROI. With our expertise, we ensure fast and efficient development of your wealth management software.

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Investment Management Software

We offer a cutting-edge investment management software solution, enhanced by advanced technology and features such as broker comparison, expert network access, investment reports, predictive analytics, risk detection, and asset tracking. Our experienced fintech developers will work with you to create a tailored digital Investment management software solution that aligns with your vision and meets your needs.

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Electronic Trading Software Development

Our fintech developers design user-friendly and intuitive trading software that integrates with market analysis tools and trading platforms to provide real-time data, advanced tools, and customizable dashboards for informed investment decisions.Whether you need a mobile app, web-based platform, or desktop application, we deliver high-quality trading solutions to enhance users' trading experience.

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Real Estate Investment Management Software

Simplifying Real Estate wealth management with an intutive software that can track, monitor and report real estate asset and portfolio performance & manage investment activity to maximise Real Estate Wealth. We optimize your solution with advanced analytics, comprehensive data management, customizable dashboards for an enhanced user experience.

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Financial Planning & Advisory Software

We offer tailored financial planning and advisory software development that includes portfolio management, investment planning, risk management, retirement planning, tax planning, and more. Our expert developers create scalable solutions that integrate with multiple platforms and data sources, utilizing the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, to provide actionable insights for users.

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Personal Finance

Our FinTech team has expertise in personalized finance applications, including insurance, mortgages, college loans, savings, retirement planning, and investment portfolios. We excel in scalable personal finance app development that optimize individual's financial management.

Let's Connect the Disconnected Systems

Technology is crucial for financial service providers to thrive in the wealthtech industry to enhance customer experience, foster innovation, and adapt to market changes. While wealth management companies using multiple systems to manage various aspects such as customer relationship management (CRM), portfolio management, trading platforms, and financial planning tools lead to inefficiencies and data inconsistencies as these systems may not always communicate effectively with each other. By connecting these systems, wealthtechs can improve operations and offer personalized services using cloud-native architectures and API-driven integrations.

Cloud-based solutions

Wealthtech providers like you can avail our Cloud Computing Service for a centralized platform to connect your systems, enabling you to access data and applications from any location. This can simplify the integration process and reduce the complexity of managing multiple systems.

API Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) integration is a way to connect different systems and applications by enabling communication between them. By creating APIs for different systems and applications, our team of Fintech developers can integrate them and ensure that data flows seamlessly between them.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices architecture involves breaking down an application into smaller, independent services that can communicate with each other via APIs. This approach allows our fintech developers to create more modular and scalable applications that can be easily integrated with your multiple systems and applications.

Technologies & Platforms We Work With

  • MySQL Database
  • MS SQL Database
    MS SQL
  • MongoDB Database
  • SQLite Database
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Firebase Database
  • Realm Database
  • Terraform DevOps and Cloud
  • CI-CD DevOps and Cloud
  • AWS DevOps and Cloud
  • Jenkins DevOps and Cloud
  • Kubernetes DevOps and Cloud
  • Docker DevOps and Cloud
  • Microsoft Team Project Management
    Microsoft Team
  • Jira Project Management
  • Asana Project Management
  • Slack Project Management
  • ClickUp Project Management
  • Trello Project Management
  • MondayDotCom Project Management
  • Pivotal Project Management

Our Custom Wealthtech Software Development is Secure

Implementing robust security measures and practices is crucial to protect sensitive financial data and maintain the trust and confidence. At Narola, our Fintech Developers ensure that your wealthtech software applications are designed and developed with security in mind which includes implementing security best practices such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, secure access controls, and continuous monitoring of the system for any suspicious activities.


Our developers use encryption to secure data in transit and at rest. Encryption algorithms convert sensitive data into an unreadable format, making it unreadable to unauthorized users.

Access Controls

Access controls help to limit access to sensitive data. Our developers implement role-based access controls, multi-factor authentication, and other access control measures to ensure that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data.

Secure Coding Practices

Our developers follow secure coding practices to minimize the potential for vulnerabilities in the software code. They avoid insecure coding practices, such as hard-coded passwords or leaving debug code in production.

Secure APIs

Our developers ensure that APIs are secure and designed to protect data in transit.

Security Testing

Our developers conduct security testing to identify and address any vulnerabilities in the software which includes penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and risk assessments.

Case Studies

How We Work?

We have curated A Custom Agile Approach to develop your software solutions for maximum adaptability with exceptional technological expertise at affordable prices.

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Engagement Model

We provide three business friendly engagement model to choose from viz. Fixed Price, Dedicated Hiring & Time & Material.

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We follow a systematic & customized agile methodology for the development of your software application keeping in mind - reduced timelines & higher efficiencies.

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