January 31, 2022


Rohit Rawat


Every dating app development company tries to find new ways to keep their users interested and engagement levels high. Tinder is one such brand that all of us can learn from. It regularly introduces features that keep users on their toes, and eagerly awaiting the next update. 


The latest in the list of such features is “Vibes”. If you are an owner of an app like Tinder, you should be aware of it. In this article, we will discuss how “Vibes” can help your dating app. First, let’s discuss ‘vibes’. 

What is “Vibes”?

Tinder has launched a new online event called “Vibes”. Users are provided with a range of questions. These questions range from pop culture to personality traits. When someone gets matched, the user will see the answers to the questions on their profiles. But there is a catch!

The answers will only be displayed on the profile for 72 hours once the two users begin chatting. The event itself will last for 48 hours. That is a great way for users to move ahead from the initial awkwardness, and initiate conversation when they get matched. 

What “Vibes” Can Do For Your App Like Tinder

Breaking the Ice

When people install Tinder or a Tinder clone app, they expect the app to match them to their potential partners. But the real challenge starts once they get matched. If the two people have introverted personalities, they might be too shy to start the conversation. 

Events like “Vibes” play a crucial role in avoiding a situation like this. It gives users something to talk about rather than just waiting for the reply to “hey”. If you add a feature like “Vibes” to your Tinder clone app, it can work wonders in increasing engagement. We have discussed the same below.

More Engagement

When a common topic interests two people, it is easier to initiate conversations. Once they start talking and find each other interesting, the conversation keeps shifting from one topic to another. That results in more engagement, and they will spend more time on your app like Tinder.

You can use dating app development to add this feature to your app. Once the engagement increases, you can prompt the users to shift to premium communication services like video chatting. Learn how to turn this into a revenue generation feature. 

Increases Revenue

When the relationship of two people deepens, they would want to take it to the next level. They might want to try a different way to communicate or may have a desire to meet each other. Especially those who participated in Vibes since they will have a lot to talk about.

Depending on what they want, you can provide a premium or paid service that they’d be interested in. For example, you can provide a feature of audio calling or video calling. If they want to meet each other, you can suggest a book cafe or live concert depending on their interests. 

You can give them the option of booking the tickets or making reservations from the Tinder clone app itself. For every booking, you can charge a commission from the cafe or the event organizers. You can tie up with different vendors. If two users want to send gifts to each other, you can again charge a commission from the vendors.

Improves User Experience

We can infer from the points above that the “Vibes” feature will improve the overall user experience. From facilitating the initial conversations to helping users move their relationship forward, the “Vibes” feature will act as a catalyst. You only require excellent Tinder clone app development skills to add this feature to your existing app. 

Can’t or don’t want to add the feature yourself? You can hire dating app developers to do that for you. If you want to strengthen your brand image, having this feature can fulfill this purpose.

In Conclusion

There will be many more features and tools you can use to grow your business and brand. But most importantly, you need a solid tech partner by your side to implement those changes. Our Tinder like dating app development company can guide you in making the most of the new developments. 

If you want your app like Tinder to touch new heights of success, contact us anytime.

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