January 11, 2022


Leena Sanap


Today we live in a social media-propelled world. Be it small businesses or big companies, everyone has an online presence on various digital platforms and social media apps. This has, in turn, increased the role of an app like Facebook beyond the conventional i.e. being a meager means for entertainment.

There is so much that can be done with a conceptual app like Facebook. We have observed the rising use of the Facebook marketplace, active groups on Facebook where people who share common interests come together and share their knowledge, passion, thoughts, and ideas. It has given people a sense of community on a global level which they are loving and embracing.

There are astoundingly 2.89 billion monthly active users on Facebook. 

This statistic is eye-opening and like a treasure for investors looking to step into the world of social media mobile app development. This large number highlights the target audience and scope for a Facebook clone app development.

Facebook is a recipe for success. And, with your own tweaks, you can definitely be the owner of a Facebook like app that is unique and has your ownership.

Having said that, the next question that definitely arises in your mind is “How much will it cost me to build an app like Facebook?”

Well, this article will answer just that. So, read on.


The cost of developing a Facebook clone app is between $2,500 to $10,000.

It might be surprising why there is such a wide range in the budget for an app like Facebook. Well, the answer is simple and will be divulged as we progress further on this topic.

Factors that Determine the Budget of an App like Facebook

Factors that Determine the Budget of an App like Facebook


Most Facebook app development companies would offer packages that would cover your basic requirements for this social media app development. Furthermore, it is possible to customize these packages and that’s where the change in the budget comes into the picture.

As and when you request for a sophisticated implementation that requires expert involvement, resources, and time, the price increases. As an investor, you must focus on which company follows the best practices like Agile development during the SDLC. This ensures a quality product in the end.

Ideally, you can expect both the user app and admin app implementations in both the basic and premium packages. The only variations occur in the level of features, functionalities, and aesthetics that have a scope for improvement.

With the right strategy, you can definitely ace your Facebook clone app development.


The way you design your app and the features included therein are the key factors that will dictate how long the overall development will take place and also the cost ultimately. But these are the features that you should definitely consider including in your app like Facebook as they are important for achieving the best results.

User App:

  • Profiles
  • News Feed
  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Messages

Admin App:

  • Dashboard
  • Site Settings
  • Languages
  • Themes & Plugins
  • Manage Users, Groups & Pages


For almost every mobile app development, irrespective of its niche, it is important for the investor to identify their audience and also fix who their target would be in the years to come. This is a very important part of development too since it sets a tone for many decisions to be made.

Similarly, when you decide the platform i.e. OS on which development is carried out, whether it is Android, iOS, both, or Windows, etc. it will influence the cost of your Facebook clone


This is the part of implementing effective UI/UX i.e. user interface and experience. It is said that the first impression is the last impression. Especially, in the case of mobile apps, a user will spend very little time arriving at the conclusion of whether they like the app or not.

An app needs to be intuitive, interactive, and above all functioning with high performance. No user would put up with a lethargic app and turn to the otherwise large pool of apps that fulfill the same purpose. 

To ensure that the UI/UX implementation is what you envisioned, you have to shell out money. As good work definitely comes at a good cost.


The “make or break” factor in Facebook clone app development is your team behind it. Either you can hire and consolidate a team which would be a lengthy process or smartly outsource the task to a reliable Facebook clone app development company.

Either way, you have to bear the cost of hiring expert developers which will influence the cost of creating an app like Facebook. The only decisive part here is that whether building an in-house team is cost-effective for you or outsourcing the project.

It is possible for you to hire a team of developers with each costing you $40/hour basis onwards depending on their expertise, efficiency, and value they bring to your project.


Generally, when a project commences, it is advisable to keep the time to market as minimal as possible. This is because most of the market research, trends, and reasons why an investor thinks of entering the genre as a business are recent and based on the immediate engagement that their audience would provide.

Moreover, the more there is buzz and delay about your idea for the project, the more are the chances that there would be a competitor ready to launch that idea. In worst cases, even before you.

On the contrary, it may also happen that if you launch your app like Facebook in haste without following the necessary testing and ensuring that it is ready to be launched, there might be many ill-effects and you might have to ultimately bear the brunt of a bad decision.

So, what is the solution?
Simply, opt for an MVP. This ensures that you and your developers are on the same page and on the right track. The technological and conceptual implementations are verified and at a relatively lower cost.

The reason for focusing on the duration of your project is ultimately cost. The sooner you launch, the sooner you will start generating revenue and reap returns. Moreover, the longer it takes, the more will be the investment in resources.

Stating the Conclusion

It is undoubted that there would be a substantial investment required for creating an app like Facebook. That being said, it is also possible to save a lot by making the right choices while you are making those investments. 

Being the proud owner of a Facebook clone app with your USP and unique brand identity is surely rewarding keeping in mind the current trends. So, all you got to do is make smart decisions and partner with Narola Infotech for Facebook clone app development.

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