Last Updated: September 27, 2023


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Instagram, a photo-sharing app or as it once was, has now evolved into something more. And,  other social media platforms cannot boast about it. Collecting and improving on various features, Instagram sees annual revenues in the billions! 

Astounded by the success of Instagram, investors choose to develop an app like Instagram as a long-term investment. But, the process requires thought and planning. To help investors plan their Instagram clone app development journey, we have written a guide.

Why Invest Your Money In An Instagram Clone App?

Social media applications are made popular through the younger generation who want to stay in touch and businesses that are increasingly opting for social media marketing to find business opportunities. These are some reasons to invest in an Instagram clone app. 

Unique Insight into Audience Requirements

Starting with an app like Instagram can provide useful insight into what current-day social media users are looking for in a social app. This is invaluable if you intend on developing more social media apps in the future. 

Provides Multiple Revenue Generation Methods

Because of the vast adoption of social media into people’s lives, there are high chances to monetize such social media platforms.

Lower Time to Market

Whether you use an Instagram clone app script or a unique script, the general time to market is much lower than social media app development from scratch. This is good news for investors who are just starting out in the clone app industry.  

More Affordable Than Custom Apps

There is another reason why clone apps are so widely popular around the world these days. They offer an easier way to develop an app, without committing a large sum of money! 

Eliminates requirements for UI and UX Design and Planning

Mobile app development in general is a long process when developing a unique app idea from total scratch. Designing a user interface and user interaction components requires graphic designers among other experts, this makes your Instagram development team larger!

An Instagram clone app comes with a readymade script that already contains so many components.

Fully Customizable

Developing an Instagram clone app comes with the capacity to customize the app and add something that makes the Instagram clone app your own creation! 

Possibility of High Return on Investment (ROI)

Most investment plans may take years or even decades to reap impressive returns on investments. This is not the case with an Instagram clone app. A bright financial future awaits if your app becomes viral fast! 

Don’t compromise on the latest features, add them to your clone app if you want to get maximum attention from the public. 

Instagram Reels

Drawing from the success of Instagram stories, Instagram reels were introduced which is basically a shorter Instagram story. Instead, reels let users make a 15-second video using music as the backdrop and drawing element. 


The Instagram IGTV feature would allow any user to set up their own channel to provide a varied range of content to their users

Live Videos

Users have the ability to stream a live video via the Instagram platform. This offers a means of direct communication and could be enticing for a business. 

Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories feature acts as a limited-time feature by which users can add a picture or a short 30-second video that can only be viewed for a short time. 

The Four Categories An App Like Instagram Fits In

Instagram has become much more than a social app. The introduction of several features has definitely attracted a larger user base, and your Instagram clone app can do the same! 

Instagram for Photo-Sharing

You will probably remember the initial Instagram app which started as one of the many photo-sharing apps on the market. The app was not as popular as it is now, but that’s the beauty of incorporating unique features into an app! 

Instagram for Photo-Editing

In addition to just posting a picture, people wanted the ability to edit it as well! If you want success, you have to listen to your users. Incorporate this feature to attract more people to your app. 

Instagram for Messaging

Users may not be satisfied with just posting pictures, a requirement to communicate was in high demand. Communication apps will always be popular, meaning that there is much to gain by making your photo-sharing app also a messenger app

Instagram for eCommerce

Believe it or not, Instagram is a social photo-sharing app and an upcoming Commerce platform! Users can purchase items from a large plethora of collaborators without leaving the app. Use your platform and allow eCommerce businesses to market their products to a large audience. Doing this also helps to create monetization opportunities.  

How Will MVP Development Help Your Instagram Clone?

When you develop an app like Instagram you will hear the term Minimum Viable Product a lot, but what is the exact purpose of an MVP?

An MVP plays a role in the success of your final app. How does it do this? By testing the features. A minimum viable product is an app featuring the most basic features of the app developed in a very small amount of money. 

So, basically MVP development allows you to find out how well the app is receptive and it allows you to get valuable feedback from users. This user feedback is important since it helps you to customize the app to suit your users, after all, doing this well could lead to your app becoming very popular. 

Which Instagram Technology Stack Should Be Used in An Instagram Clone?

Instagram naturally makes use of a range of technologies since they best suit different purposes. 

Here is the Instagram technology stack that you will be using:

  • React Native - front-end development due to cross-platform functionality
  • Python (Django) and HTML- server-side development
  • JavaScript and ReactJS - development of user interface 
  • PostgreSQL database - as a mass storage solution
  • Amazon S3 - for cloud computing 
  • Webpack - for DevOps processes 

KPIs To Track Progress

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are a value or parameter by which a company or individual can measure the success of their application.

Active Users

A great way to measure the success of your Instagram clone would be to measure the number of active users you currently have. You can assess these numbers and adjust your strategies to match what the figures say from month to month. 


Downloading an app is not good enough! Many users may download your app only to abandon it. Time spent on the app, the number of pictures uploaded, or even likes left are great ways to measure the success of your app.

User Retention

Several apps see high numbers of inactivity. Sometimes users just need a small prod to start using your app again. Sending push notifications and sending at the right time can make all the difference to your app’s success. 


Investors probably have a clear idea about what they want their Instagram clone app to look like. But, now comes the issue of how to make sure your plan makes it from paper to product? Simple, with the help of a mobile app development company your app will be made perfectly according to your ideas.

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