Engagement Models

Narola Engagement Models

Narola offers flexible engagement models as we believe in delivering complete value for money to our clients & their specific needs.
Our pricing models are crafted keeping mutual interests in mind. To support our clients, we have a set of transparent pricing strategies coupled with the combination of ‘right’ elements that are at par with the industry standards.

Core Value of our Engagement Models



Get in all our workflows, processes, interactions and delivery updates.



We tweak our engagement models to suit and fix your business needs.


Cost Effective

Blending optimized costing with an extended managed team for pricing effectiveness.



Key element to provide utmost attention to every stage of the process of delivery.

Effective Engagement Models

Ensuring success, agility and growth of businesses with flexible Engagement models.

Fixed Price

Fixed price model is the best choice for projects with well-defined scope and requirements. In this model, all project requirements are predefined right from the beginning of the development process. This model works the best for small businesses and medium projects with limited or fixed budgets. Along with the time and cost, the core objectives and deliverables for the project are also pre-defined.

  • The fixed model has exact budget defined in advance
  • Billing is based on milestones completed
  • Change in scope needs client approval, ensuring budget never exceeds
  • Low risk or risk-free model for service provider and client as cost and the timeline are fixed before the project is initiated

Time and Material

This model is best suited for projects where scope is not clearly defined and requirements are dynamic and constantly changing. The Time & Material model works if it is not possible to implement specifics or divide a project into several smaller stages. This option allows an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate for the amount of work, tasks, resources, or other expenses in the development process. Time and material offers the flexibility to modify project specifications, explore new activity and make changes to the number of project resources depending upon the client’s evolving lifecycle.

  • Best option when the project scope is constantly changing
  • Option for client to make hourly, daily, weekly or monthly payment
  • Flexible model, allowing client to experiment with new activity and requirements
  • Change project resources based on the project's evolving lifecycle.

Dedicated Hiring Model

Dedicated model works best for projects which require quick scaling or require expert developers to work on a long-term basis. This type of model is perfect to meet tight project deadlines, sudden team expansion or hiring a developer for emerging technologies, flexibility is the need of the hour. You retain complete control over processes and drive strategy to manage resources. Flexible and highly scalable, our dedicated developers are ideal for clients with varying business schedules or productivity demands.

  • Best model for clients with in-house staff to manage the projects
  • Get dedicated developers assigned to your project
  • Billing on fixed or hourly basis
  • Virtual employees working exclusively for your team

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