Trusted By 1500+ Happy Clients including these Fortune companies

Trusted By 1500+ Happy Clients including these Fortune companies

Retail Software Development for Different Business Sizes

Custom Software Development


Launching a retail startup? All you need is a retail software solution that we will make for you that will cover everything from managing inventory to optimizing customer interactions.

Custom Software Development

Small Businesses

Keep track of inventory, manage sales, and enhance customer experiences—all within a user-friendly interface. Our developers are masters at creating retail software solutions that will help you thrive in the retail world.

Custom Software Development

Mid-Level Enterprises

As your retail business grows, so do its complexities. Our retail software development services are designed to successfully cope with specific challenges faced by mid-level enterprises.

Custom Software Development

Large Enterprises

Managing a large-scale retail operation requires sophisticated tools. With custom retail software development with advanced features, you will be able to meet the demands of enterprise-level retail.

Technologies & Platforms We Work With

  • MySQL Database
  • MS SQL Database
    MS SQL
  • MongoDB Database
  • SQLite Database
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Firebase Database
  • Realm Database
  • Terraform DevOps and Cloud
  • CI-CD DevOps and Cloud
  • AWS DevOps and Cloud
  • Jenkins DevOps and Cloud
  • Kubernetes DevOps and Cloud
  • Docker DevOps and Cloud
  • Microsoft Team Project Management
    Microsoft Team
  • Jira Project Management
  • Asana Project Management
  • Slack Project Management
  • ClickUp Project Management
  • Trello Project Management
  • MondayDotCom Project Management
  • Pivotal Project Management

What You Get With Retail Software Development

Efficient Inventory Management

Efficient Inventory Management

Retail software allows for real-time tracking of inventory levels, ensuring you have the right products in stock to meet customer demands. This reduces instances of overstocking or stockouts, leading to better cost management and increased sales.

Streamlined Sales Process

Streamlined Sales Process

Point-of-sale (POS) systems integrated into retail software simplify the checkout process, making transactions faster and more convenient for both customers and staff. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and higher sales turnover.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Retail software often includes CRM features, allowing businesses to track customer preferences and buying behavior. This enables personalized marketing efforts, leading to stronger customer relationships and higher customer retention rates.

Multi-Channel Sales Management

Multi-Channel Sales Management

Retail software often integrates with various sales channels, including online marketplaces and social media platforms. This enables businesses to reach a wider audience and manage sales across different platforms from a centralized system.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

Retail software can facilitate services like online shopping, click-and-collect, and mobile payments. These features provide convenience to customers, enhancing their overall shopping experience and potentially driving repeat business.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Retail software provides valuable insights through analytics and reporting tools. This data helps in understanding consumer trends, sales patterns, and inventory performance, enabling businesses to make informed decisions for better profitability.

Retail Software Development for All-Round Growth

  • Custom Software Development

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

We create POS systems that empower you to efficiently handle sales transactions, manage inventory, and generate insightful sales reports.

  • Custom Software Development

Inventory Management Software

Our developers can make Inventory Management Software that provides a comprehensive solution to track, manage, and optimize your stock levels. Gain real-time visibility into your inventory, minimize overstocking or stockouts, and make informed restocking decisions.

  • Custom Software Development

Multi-Channel Retailing Solutions

Seamlessly integrate your physical stores, e-commerce websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms for a unified shopping experience. Connect with customers wherever they are, providing convenience and flexibility in their shopping journey.

  • Custom Software Development

Store Management and Operations

From staff scheduling and performance tracking to task management, you can streamline day-to-day operations with the software we’ll develop especially for you. Achieve optimal resource allocation, enhance staff productivity, and ensure a seamless customer experience.

  • Custom Software Development

Omni-Channel Integration

Whether customers interact with your brand online, in-store, or through mobile apps, ensure a unified experience. With retail software development, you can provide seamless access to product information, inventory availability, and personalized offers, driving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Custom Software Development

Retail Analytics and Reporting

We include an analytics feature in the software that will help you gain invaluable insights into your business performance, customer behavior, and sales trends. Track key metrics, generate detailed reports, and implement strategies to optimize your retail operations.

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Our Clients Say

We place a huge value on strong relationships. Our clients have faith in us. We always keep them ahead of their competitors by serving them top notch IT solutions.

Peter Pham

Able to complete complex jobs in a very professional manner. Great to work with the Narola team.

Peter Pham

Owner, Zocular | USA

Pavel Pavlyuk

Great Pro team! Narola team has always been great at communication. Starting another new project, I hope to see such good work in future.

Pavel Pavlyuk

CEO, Posh | Russia

Why Clients Trust Us for Inventory Management Software Development?

Custom Software Development

98% Client Retention

Showcases our commitment to satisfaction & success

Custom Software Development

Innovative Vision

Drives your business forward

Custom Software Development

Tailored Solutions

Tailored solutions for peak efficiency

Custom Software Development

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with minimal disruption

Custom Software Development


Surpassing Expectations with Client Focus

Custom Software Development

Domain Expertise

For precise business solutions

Custom Software Development

Transparent Communication

Open communication throughout your project

Custom Software Development

Highly Approachable

Our Team ensures a smooth & productive experience

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    Flexible Hiring Model for Retail Software Development

    Hourly Based
    Hourly Based

    • Pay-as-you-go
    • On-demand flexibility
    • Transparent monthly billing


    • Well-defined scope
    • Project timeline assurance

    Dedicated Team
    Dedicated Team

    • Exclusive project focus
    • Customized expertise
    • Resource adaptability

    Time & Material
    Time & Material

    • Versatile model
    • Pay for actual work
    • Flexibility in changes

    18 Years of Trust & Hard Work

    Over the years we have leveraged exceptional technological expertise at affordable prices to offer our clients customized solutions to suit their needs and industry niches. Our development is focused on making reliable, appealing, easy-to-use, speedy, scalable, and customized deliverables.

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    Why Narola
    Why Narola

    Narola is not just another software development company, but it is an institution for global businesses to get the technical solution to complex business problems and needs with a vision that is client-oriented. Learn more about our values, how we address challenges from our CIO, Narola Infotech.

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    We Understand Your Industry

    For over 18 years, we have worked closely with 1500+ clients all over the world belonging to different fields. That has allowed us to understand the intricacies and working of a majority of industries.

    This experience will be significant since we would already be aware of the business problems and expectations of your industry and the associated audience. That will help us in understanding your requirements easily and developing a unique solution for you quickly.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    See the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below.

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