Client Profile

Easy Way tea is the biggest bubble tea chain in Australia with 70 stores spread across the country. A truly wide range of Teas and superb quality are powering business for the company both within Australia and in other parts of the world.

The rapid growth was welcome but it brought certain challenges along with it.

Website : http://www.easywaytea.com.au/

Client Needs/Challenges

Tea beverage products by nature have short shelf life; rather delivering them fresh is EasyWay’s USP. Both the franchisees and the central warehouses needed to store enough but just enough and feed the shelves with fresh stocks; and manage a continuous order, replenish and sell cycle.

Earlier the franchisees spent time in entering their requirements on to spreadsheets and sent them via email. The staff at the head quarters processed the orders and updated their inventory. The system consumed lots of time, phone calls were flying between the warehouses and the dealers and involved needless duplication of work.

The summary of key challenges was as under:

  •  Delays in order processing
  •  Duplication of work, avoidable expenses
  •  Unorganized inventory
  •  High inventory at the warehouse
  •  Obtaining information relating to Monthly Sale, Category wise sale, franchisees-wise sale and other summarized reports was cumbersome

EasyWay decided that improving inventory management and reducing order processing time were inevitable to sustain growth and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Journey of Success

Narola Infotech created a unique solution, single window software that solved all the issues both for the EasyWay management as well as for the franchisees. Beginning from July 2010, the franchisees self-manage ordering and inventories. They log in to the system at any convenient time, place their orders and track their inventory levels themselves.

EasyWay now uses the synchronized data to process the orders quickly and to monitor inventories. The entire cycle is now automatic and takes place almost in real time.

Success Value Delivered

The new integrated system built by Narola has helped EasyWay to mine a number of business benefits out of the supply chain system designed by Narola.

  • The system is simple and fast; franchisees find it easy to operate
  • Web based and accessible from anywhere; information is available at a click
  • One centralized solution for all locations
  • Protected by a strong approval layer, the system is absolutely secure
  • Reduced need for phone calls, time spent in following up
  • Reduced order processing time to nearly 70%.
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster order processing has improved sales
  • Better Inventory Management has improved profitability
  • Immediate availability of MIS reports helps accurate forecasts of business trends and evaluate past performance and take perfect decisions.

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