November 10, 2021


Rohit Rawat


The worst nightmare for any app owner is increased iOS development cost. It gets worse if a technical glitch happens after you launch the app. In the rush to fix the issue, you either hire a third party or put your existing team on it. No matter who you hire, the fact is that the work on the live product stops. This hampers the growth of the product. You might also consider rebuilding the app to avoid further issues.

As a business owner, it might get difficult for you to look into each and every aspect of iOS app development. Sometimes you miss the small details that might save you a lot of development costs. That is understandable since you would want to stop the barrage of negative reviews on the app store.

We understand how stressful this can get. But, when you have all the information and tools, all you need to do is look a little deeper. Therefore, we present this article that will give insights on how small steps can save you a lot of money in the case of iOS app development.


Ways to Save Money in iOS App Development

Measuring the Impact

The best way to understand what is going wrong with your iPhone app development is to look at the reviews. But before we get into it and find the solutions, it is important to understand the impact. By this, we mean measuring how much it will cost you per install after you fix the issue. That will help in understanding if it is feasible to fix the issue or to rebuild the app.

For this, you need to take a closer look at your ad campaigns. If your reach and impressions are equivalent to your target, that means you have figured out your target audience. 

Next, it is important to determine the cost per install. The dashboard of your ad campaign’s tool will give very neat and clean analytics. However, sometimes they give inaccurate information. That is why it is necessary to run the numbers yourself sometimes.

Industry experts recommend keeping an excel sheet of all your ad campaigns and reviewing them every week. You can also ask your iOS application development services provider to do that.

Causes and Solutions

The next step is determining the quality issues. For this, you must analyze the app reviews and the app crash reports. These reports will tell you if the issues are happening due to:

  • App or OS updates
  • 3rd Party plugins or library
  • Certain devices or manufacturers

If you can figure out the reason behind the app quality issues, it will prevent the rebuilding of the app. That will save you a great deal of money.

Analyzing these reports will give a lot of analytical data that takes you in the direction of the problems. You can prioritize the issues based on how quickly you can fix them. You will find that fixing these quality issues will positively impact your iOS application development cost.

Sometimes the crash report does not report issues for the developer to solve. That could be due to a defective crash reporting configuration. Many developers do not read app store reviews regularly. 

Sometimes only the app owners have access to the console. This makes it more difficult for the developers to figure out the problem. There is a significant need for app owners and developers to regularly analyze user reviews.

Provide Users a Platform to Give Feedback

Apart from fixing the problems, you can also create channels for individuals to express themselves and feel heard. The app store is the sole area where people can voice their concerns about the app. 

Adding a customer service helpdesk to an app is a straightforward process. It is a very valuable tool for analyzing quality concerns. You get a sense of how your app's users feel about it. You will also get a detailed action plan that will help your developers in the iOS app development process.

In Conclusion

The above points will help you in cutting the cost of app development and keeping your users happy. However, it is equally important to have a team of developers that will balance customization and app functionality. 

Our iOS developers’ team at Narola Infotech focuses on providing iOS app development services that will save you money in the process of building the app itself. With their assistance, you can build the app of your dreams without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Contact us today to book a session with our experts.

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