February 3, 2021


Leena Sanap


Are you all prepared for the Dot Net developer job interview? Are you confident the questions which will decide will be selected or not? Do not worry! We will help you with a few of the interview questions for dot net developer jobs for freshers.

Applying for Dot net developer jobs has literally become a lot tougher because of the rise in demand of the respective profile. There are a number of vacancies in terms of Dot net developer jobs in Pune and all over India. So, it becomes very important for you to remain a step ahead and crack the interview at its best so that the chance of you getting selected becomes certain.

So, we have exclusively compiled here a few of the questions which are mostly asked during the Dot Net jobs interview. Take a look and help yourself with the best chances:

Explain the Postback concept in Dot Net?

Here you need to explain the process of the Postback mechanism in detail. From what it is to what is the entire process, you need to explain everything to the respective interviewer to exclusively make an impression. You may also go through the concept of Callback which is also related to a similar kind of approach.

What is the difference between Dot Net MVC and Dot Net WebForms? 

In the question, you need to explain both the terms in detail. From MVC to WebForms, you need to compare the respective terms in a precise and clear which can help the interviewer know how good you know about the respective term.

Explain the Dot Net Page Life Cycle?

When it comes to Dot Net, it passes through a lot of steps in its cycle, so while you are asked the respective question, you need to explain each and every step in brief which can make the interviewer nod at your answer and consider to take you ahead.

Explain the difference between user controls and custom controls?

You must not miss this question as it has been asked in a number of interviews according to the search. So, do explain both the terms in a very elaborative way and help the interviewer with the points which bring the two terms in comparison mode

Explain the term “view state” in Dot Net?

Well, it is a very known term in the respective field of study and one must have a good understanding of it. You need to explain the term thoroughly which can help the interview understand how good you are for the respective role!

Other important questions which you must not miss at any cost are mentioned below, please take a look:

  • Explain the Usage of the Global.asax brief?
  • What is the difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect?
  • Explain about Session state modes in Dot Net?
  • Explain the different types of Authentication in Dot Net?
  • Explain different types of Dot Net Validation controls?

As a beginner, you must not afford to miss any of the above-mentioned questions and go fully prepared to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in the further rounds. With the rise in Dot Net developer jobs, one needs to always keep grooming themselves to remain a step ahead of others. You will surely crack the interview if you are well prepared with the subject and the above-mentioned questions. Best Of Luck!

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