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Renowned PPC services at Narola, get your business the flood of meaningful traffic in no time and let you enjoy the fruits of higher sales and improved profit margins.
Pay Per Click

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay per click (PPC), which is also considered as Cost Per Click (CPC), is an internet advertising model. Pay Per Click Services is used to drive traffic to the website through an ad or ads’.

In PPC management campaign, advertisers create ads and bid on relevant keywords for ads. An advertiser who bid the most have the chance to rank on the first position in sponsored or paid results. Once the user clicks on those sponsored ads and goes to a landing page, an advertiser needs to pay to the search engine as per clicks received.

Manage PPC Campaigns?

Select from an assortment of campaign types so as to create a construction that is suitable for your requirements and price range.

  • Search Ads. This technique gathers information and optimizes bids in order for your data is placed in front of possible clients at the ideal time when they are utilizing search engines! Managing calls requires comprehension and ability, taking into consideration the consumer’s device, time, geographical location, and lookup intent for the maximum degree of game types. Having a high ranking, it is possible to enhance your own impressions and click-through prices and we’re going to work to boost your advertising copy and keywords across the way so that your ads are constantly doing at the maximum degree.
  • Display Ads. Give your company and sales pitch a face with screen advertisements that sets targeted display advertisements in front of possible clients. Whether you are using rich text, photographs, or videos, then it’s possible to utilize display advertisements to target your perfect customer group with cohort investigation, handled placement choices, and data optimization. We also feature manual bidding optimization to better manage the cost of your effort and place up it for the maximum degree of success.
  • Retargeting PPC. campaigns are specially designed to target clients that are most likely to convert. This can be accomplished by lining up information regarding the client’s search history, location, apparatus, and individual details within the parameters of your campaign such as your keywords, such as. It is about creating your bids count and directing your advertising toward clients that are actively interested in what you need to offer together with the capability to improve your conversion rates and raise earnings.
  • Remarketing Search Ads. This particular kind of Internal Per Click remarketing additionally utilizes cookies and targeted keywords to locate and convince prospective clients. The viewers for remarketing is restricted, but only to those who have visited your website in order for your levels of conversion have the capability to be rather high with the ideal keywords and advertising copy. If they look for a related thing based on your chosen keywords, you can set your advertisements before them, alerting them that you’ve got the specific product they’re searching for.

Why Does Your Business Need PPC Management Services?

As we all know that around 80% of the traffic on the web comes through the search engine. Thus, it is quite significant for the online businesses to appear on the first page whenever a user searches a term relevant to their commercial. To do so, one of the best techniques is Pay Per Click Management Services. It allows the link of the landing page of the business to appear on the first page of the search engine listings so that quality traffic can be diverted to your website.

Over the years, paid search engine marketing has become the centre point of promotion as it yields better results than any other form of business marketing. PPC management services make sure that you only receive meaningful traffic and assist in bringing better conversion rates. Thus, the businesses allocate the large part of the marketing budget to PPC campaigns. The key benefits of PPC are as under:

  • Flexibility to choose the keywords as per your requirements, and it also allows to bid as per your convenience. However, the number of times your links appear on the first page depending upon your bid price. The higher you bid, the better you get.
  • It is for all form of businesses as you can invest as per your convenience.
  • You can even select the time scale when you want to show the PPC ad. However, the bid price remains high during prime time.
  • Pay per clicks also helps in dividing your customers as per the keywords search they make. It further allows you to bid higher on the keywords through which you received most quality traffic.
  • Pay per click, most of the time, results in higher ROI as you only receive usefully and trusted visitors through it.
  • Our Pay Per Click services includes a  Google Ads campaign and Facebook Ads Campaign.

We are going to set everything up using an optimized Adwords campaign plan that is prepared for achievement.

PPC Account Set Up

Our Pay Per Click Marketing professionals set up account for your ad campaign, in order to generate leads.

PPC Keyword Research & Selection

Our PPC Experts find out relevant keywords for your business using professional tools to generate leads & increase ROI for campaign.

PPC Ad Copy & Design

An advertising team make sure to target relevant group of keywords with compelling landing page design and create an ad which bring targeted traffic to your website.

Our Key Deliverables

Pay Per Click

PPC Landing Page Optimization

We review & analyse what works best, then create & optimize most effective landing pages based on your business requirements.

PPC Conversion Tracking & Monitoring

Our pay per click management experts track your conversion and modify campaign accordingly to maximize your ROI.

PPC Reporting

We regularly analyse your campaign performance, conversions, keywords costs and more to provide you broad overview of your campaign.

Pricing Table

  • Keywords/Adgroups
  • Search Engines supported
  • No. of Project managers
  • Search Network
  • Remarketing Ad
  • Advanced Remarketing
  • Display Network
  • Advanced Display Targeting
  • Banner/Image Ads
  • National Value
    $249 / Month
    • 500 Keywords
    • Google
    • 1
  • National Gold
    $999 / Month
    • 5000+ Keywords
    • Google, Bing & FB Ads
    • 2
    • 6

Why Choose Narola?

Narola is renowned name in providing digital marketing services and specially in PPC Paid marketing service, it has achieved a peak height.

In Pay Per Click Management Services, we deeply analyse your business and products or services you offer to deliver you desired results.

Hire our PPC experts to set up and manage your paid ads campaign and works efficiently which results in increased conversion rate.

Our experienced team always be available to provide you support and help.

We ensure you to give security and success in your campaign in affordable cost so that you get increased conversion on your valuable expense.


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