Google Ads Management Services

We have been providing complete assistance on Google Ads management services which can help reach to your target audience through different campaigns.
Google Ads Management

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads are the advertisements which appear on the Google pages with the use of Google Adwords. It is also the advertisements which are seen on the different web portals with the use of Google AdSense and display network program. So, Search Engine marketing services help you with your advertising needs. Google Ads can be customized as per the business needs and the budget.

Why does your business need to Google Ads Services?

Google Ads has been one of the most domination platforms to help businesses campaign their products and services compared to their competitors. Search Engine marketing services have been a very sophisticated platform for Google AdSense and AdWords campaigning. You can let us know about your specifications and budget and we will organize your campaigns accordingly with the specific keywords and ad group. From scheduling ads to location settings and several other attributes we have got you covered.

From helping you with lead generation to building a brand, we have got you covered with our Google advertising services. Google ads will be shown to the audience as per what they are searching for so, your ad will reach the audience and help you with more sale in no time.

With the help of Google ads keyword planner, we will acknowledge the right keywords for your business needs and initiate it accordingly for your campaigns. We have experienced professionals in-house to help you Google AdSense, Pay Per Click advertising, AdWords campaign, Facebook Ads campaign and several other Google Ads campaigns with which your business can reach the right audience.

Connect with our professionals now and help yourself with complete Google ads campaigning assistance

Keyword Phrases

Our Search Engine Marketing Services acknowledge the different prospects of your business and acknowledge the keyword phrases which will go perfectly with it. in-depth keyword research is the first thing we will initiate to grab the best opportunity for success.

Assessing Ads and competitors Analysis

Our Google ads management services assess the competitor’s approach and understand the set of ads and landing pages which are already operating for them to promote the same business.

Drafting The Ad Copy

we will prepare an Ads copy as per your business and industry needs. This will be designed keeping the first two steps in mind.

Our Key Deliverables

Google Ads Management

Designing the Landing Page

we will initiate with the landing page which customers will be coming to after clicking on the give Ads promoting your service.

Tracker Installation

we will install the call tracker for measure total lead generated with respective google Ads campaign and generate a report which includes ROI status.

Complete Setting and Solutions

our professionals will help you with complete settings for the best results. we provide geo-targeting, a network targeting to devise targeting and ad extensions.

Pricing Table

  • Keywords/Adgroups
  • Search Engines supported
  • No. of Project managers
  • Search Network
  • Remarketing Ad
  • Advanced Remarketing
  • Display Network
  • Advanced Display Targeting
  • Banner/Image Ads
  • National Value
    $ / Month
    • 500 Keywords
    • Google
    • 1
  • National Gold
    $ / Month
    • 5000+ Keywords
    • Google, Bing & FB Ads
    • 2
    • 6

Why Choose Narola?

Our Google ads management services will help you with complete bid optimization and budget management services to maximize your ROI.

To improve your ad-click return and conversion rate our Search Engine Marketing Services will initiate with split-testing of ads and landing pages.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services will help you complete consultation and recommendation to improve the results of campaigning performance.

If the results get better our Google ads management services will help you with campaign expansion drive to enhance more leads and returns.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services will help you with monthly reporting and complete analysis to help you know about the campaign performance.


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