Facebook Ads Management Services

We have been highly acclaimed for organizing Facebook advertising campaigns of businesses all around the world helping them generate better conversion rates.
Facebook Ads Management

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are the posts you can publish on their platform promoting products and services by reaching out to the audience which can bring you the best of sales. Social ads are one of the affordable ways to promote online. Facebook Ads allows your product and services to reach the target audience with advertising. Facebook marketing helps to catch your target market, making it effective for your business when compared with other methods of online marketing. You can use images, texts, slideshows, videos and several other attributes in your social ads and post on Facebook to connect with your audience. With creative Facebook advertising campaigns can keep your audience hooked to your services all the time.

Why does your business need to Facebook Ads Campaign?

If you have a target audience which you are looking to capture in the Facebook platform then hiring our Facebook Ads Management services might do the trick for you. We help you promote your product and services through Facebook advertising campaigns covers images, ads, posts and connect with the target audience which can bring the best results for you. Social ads are a great way to showcase your product in front of your target audience and gain better results.

With the help of our Facebook marketing professionals, we will be able to help you reach to your target audience and promote your products and services. We have the right Facebook marketing professionals in-house to understand the audience engagement with your online presence. There are several aspects which we will consider and then target your audience accordingly. Some of the aspects are:

  • Checking the people who visited your online portal
  • Notice the behaviour pattern of customers while making a purchase of similar type products Activities performed digitally
  • Different interests the audience has
  • Location wise analysis

Combining the results of all the above-mentioned attributes will help us find your target audience and we will be able to reach them through our facebook marketing services.

We have Facebook marketing experienced professionals to help your Social Media campaign, Pay Per Click advertising and Google Ads campaigns with which your business can reach the right audience.

Connect with us now and help yourself with complete facebook ads management services. Being the best Facebook advertising company, we will help you with your Facebook social ads campaign setup.

Assessing The Target Audience

Our Facebook marketing professionals will help you with complete audience research-related needs with which you can reach to your audience. Using demographics, custom audiences, and interests, we will identify the right audience and targeting opportunities.

Drafting The Ad Copies

We will draft your social ads copy using creative tools and images and get engaged with them.

Tracking conversion

 We will install the conversion tracker and help you assess your ROI.

Our Key Deliverables

Facebook Ads Management

Designing the Landing Page

We will design the landing pages even so that customers can reach out us while clicking on the social ads post.


We will help you with complete tracking of conversion which generated with the help of Facebook advertising campaigns

Complete Setup

We have Facebook marketing professionals to help you with your social ads. And also helps to complete campaign setup, settings and manage. From device settings to targeting, we have got you covered.

Pricing Table

  • Keywords/Adgroups
  • Search Engines supported
  • No. of Project managers
  • Search Network
  • Remarketing Ad
  • Advanced Remarketing
  • Display Network
  • Advanced Display Targeting
  • Banner/Image Ads
  • National Value
    $ / Month
    • 500 Keywords
    • Google
    • 1
  • National Gold
    $ / Month
    • 5000+ Keywords
    • Google, Bing & FB Ads
    • 2
    • 6

Why Choose Narola?

Our Facebook marketing professionals will help you with audience testing and budget management services to enhance ROI.

We will also help you with A/B split-testing of social ads and design astounding landing pages to enhance conversion rates.

We will help you with complete consultation and recommendations to enhance the performance of the Facebook advertising campaigns.

We will help you with Facebook advertising campaigns expansion after the results started showing

We will help you with complete monthly reporting and analysis to assess the Facebook advertising campaigns performance.


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