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Data Integration Solution

Over the years, data integration has played a key role in the upliftment of enterprise, business, and corporate information processing structure. However, without big data integration and process, it would not have been possible to use the data in the best form and to retrieve the information in a standard conduct. It ensures the heterogeneous data retrieval effectively and further combining it in the structured format for the multiple use cases.

Data integration get wider and with many aspects as we go deeper. The various big data solutions explain the usability and its significance in a better way.

Services We Offers

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

It is a process in which data is extracted from various resources, cleansed and is stored in the data warehouse for research analysis. To make the process more effective and productive for your business, you need customization services in which various technologies work effectively to meet the precise enterprise services needs.

  • Extracting the data from all available resources including IOT
  • Cleaning the data, making it compact and fit for further processing.
  • Filtering the data – selecting and loading the needful columns while avoiding others.
  • Making a single bunch of data collected from various resources.
  • Data Validation – applying the algorithm to validate the data.

Master Data Management

The process is mainly used in the enterprise where the data is stored at various locations or links. It combines and stores the data at a single point for use by several departments. However, data validation key is allocated to each department, so that they can have access to the data which is needful for them ensuring big data security.

  • Storing the complete data in one master file.
  • Facilitating the data access points in the big data company’s various networks, systems and applications.
  • Making the data structure as per the policies and procedure of the enterprise.
  • Focusing on data quality to keep at par to the company norms and standard.

Data Quality

It is the most significant part of the data integration services as it includes maintaining the quality of data to meet all the goals set for it in an effective manner and in allocated period of time.

  • Accuracy – to ensure that the data is accurate and true at every single point.
  • Completeness – to ensure that the data is available in completely as per the given set of requirements.
  • Update Status – Updation of the status of the data after every fixed interval of time.

Data Harmonization

It is a step ahead to data quality as it involves the use of machine learning to improve the utilization and quality of the data. It combines the force of machine analytics and human skills to make the big data solution apt for the enterprise use. It considers the cases which are frequently carried out in an organization and enhance the use of data at such junctions.

  • Collecting the need of key business procedures.
  • Pinpointing the main data values and their parent structure.
  • Mapping of the data as per the suggested format.
  • Enhancing the quality of data along with compatibility
  • Making a sole end decision taking point.

Common Data Model (CDM)

It is actually the main stream of the data. It actually talk about the real world things, including – objects, events and entities. It includes the data that can make more sense to the company directly without much filter. Data model is actually helping an employee getting to a certain point from a defined point in minimum time and at maximum speed. These are well structured big data security models that are very effective to use for a company.


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