February 2, 2021


Leena Sanap


After the development of a website and getting a good website technology website in hand, it becomes the duty of the owner to manage it in the best possible way. However, if we talk about the stats, you will be shocked to know that – 79% of the website available on the web have not got properly maintained since the day, they were aired. This speaks about the irresponsibility of the business owners towards their commercials. In this tech-dominated age, it has become most important to manage the web portal on a timely basis. Here, we are providing you the tips to manage the same in a better way:

Change Content

The picture of your products, services, and other images on the web must be changed after every short period of time. Here, you need to understand that caption should not be changed in any case as it will affect the ‘SEO’ part of the domain. It keeps the look of the website fresh. The same way text content can be altered but keywords must remain as they were.

Solving the Queries

It has been often seen the queries in the mail section of the website remain pending forever. The owner doesn’t pay much heed to it. But, the same must be another way around. Yes, every query must be solved or at least responded back within 7 days of their arrival. This will keep up the faith of your customers in your brand.

Technical Check

You must call your website developer after every short instance of time to check the technical aspect of the website. Being on-air always have the risk of bugs and virus. Thus, to keep your website protected, you must go for testing of the web platform. This will keep your website always healthy and functionally well on the web.


In this ever-changing technical world, it is crucial to bring the most accepted changes on your web platform too. Thus, be in touch with your technical advisor to bring the feature and function changes whenever required.

Thus irrespective of the web technology that you use for your website you have to manage your website as per the points mentioned above, you need not look back in terms of better sales and user experience over your web platform.

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