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Narola Infotech has been a leading name in the IT industry for more than a decade now. We, along with our team, have successfully completed many projects. Our relationship with our clients is a long-lasting one and they return to us with newer endeavors that are a testimony of our work.

We have been pioneers in many one-of-a-kind projects. Our only goal is to deliver the best solution to our client’s problems. We are now looking forward to taking the next step in our growth. We invite you to become a Channel partner with us and give a revived meaning to the words collaboration and outcome for making strides towards mutual success.

The Strategic Partnerships We Offer

Here are the two partnership models that you can choose from in order to join hands with us:

About Our Referral Partnership

Who Can Join Us?

Our referral partner program is open for any individual, a professional consultant, a freelancer, a sales professional, or an organization, that can refer Narola services to potential customers using various channels.

What are we Looking for?

Any individual or an organization that firmly believes in the capabilities of the Narola Infotech team and is equally passionate about the work we do.

How you can Benefit?

Our lead referral program is designed in a way that there is a mutual benefit and you are rewarded for showing confidence in us.

  • Attractive commission for each sale.
  • 4-hour training & support to take maximum benefit of our referral tools.
  • Banner to publish on your website or blog
  • Email Templates to refer Narola services to your contacts
  • Social Media Message Templates to refer Narola services to your contacts.
  • To deliver world-class products and services at competitive rates.

How to Share a Lead with us?

Here is a step-wise guide on how you can become a part of our “referral partner program”

Apply for a “Referral Partnership”. After we verify and approve your application, you may choose from one of the options below to recommend our services and earn the commission.

Different Ways to Recommend our Services
  • Make a recommendation via email

    You may import your contact book or manually enter emails of your friends and recommend our services to them.


    Share our services on your social media handle. It can be your personal or the organization that is looking to join the referral program.

  • Spread a Word

    You can directly refer our services to your friends verbally or any medium. Please ensure that they mention your name and email when they place an inquiry on our website. This will validate your referral after we can track it.

  • WEBSITE Code

    You may generate a code and embed the same on your website or blog. If a visitor comes to our website via the website or blog and the sale happens, you will earn a commission.

  • Shareable URL

    You may import your contact book or manually enter emails of your friends and recommend our services to them.

If you have any more queries regarding the Referral Partner Program

3 Simple Steps To Earn With Our Referral Program:


Recommended Narola Services


Wait for a Sale


Earn Commission

About Our Sales Partnership

What do we expect in our Sales Partner

We promise you productivity and consistency throughout the partnership. Our “Sales Partner” can be an organization that is a value-added reseller capable of comprehensively handling the leads right from its generation to gathering requirements, up to the final development & deployment of the solution as per the client's requirements.

Prerequisites to form a Strategic Alliance as a Sales Partner:

  • Expertise in cloud products and client implementation.
  • A substantial Market presence and lead generation capabilities in your region.
  • Knowledge of Web & Mobile Application Development Life Cycle. Knowing a craft makes you better at understanding what the client wants.
  • Skills to understand customers need to filter irrelevant leads. You should be able to identify a quality lead from the jargon. A quality that is quite solicited in our sales partner.
  • Passion and confidence for Narola Team capabilities. Being a partner is about having mutual trust and faith.

What You Get?

  • Branding And Logos

  • Your Profile On The Narola Infotech Website

  • Customer Success Stories/Portfolio Support

  • Being A Part Of Our Co-Sponsorship Activities

  • Assigned Partner Manager

  • Account-Based Marketing And Joint Business Planning

  • Back Support For All Sales Activities That You Conduct. Eg. Scheduling Meetings And Follow Up Meetings.

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Awards & Membership

As the world's leading web & mobile app development company have been privileged to win 10+ numerous awards for our working process. We’re honored to be a recipient of each of these awards for our hard work & customers loyalty.