January 27, 2021

Leena Sanap


The extensive usage of mobile Android and iOS devices is indicative of the popularity of mobile apps. When it comes to the development of apps for iOS or Android, there are numerous things to consider. There is various Mobile app developer challenges some of which are difficult to overcome.

According to sources – customers are relishing a good number of apps in various categories like – gaming, education, shopping, social media etc. Moreover, the redesigned Android and iOS app store pose various challenges for app developers. This is true for application designers and programmers in Pune. However, the android coding challenges make life difficult for business and end users.

Let’s have a look at 4 biggest challenges faced by app developers in 2018 and solutions to overcome them.

User Interface is one of the major Mobile app developer challenges

The UI of an app plays a very important role in attracting users. Although the functionality outdoes the aesthetics and appearance of the app, a good design with relevant features provide a personalized and seamless user experience. The main goal of app developers is to emphasize the intuitiveness of mobile app. They need to ensure that the user interface is engaging the users in a better way and keep them glued to the app.

To overcome this challenge, app developers must use unique and simple app icons. Besides this, one can make the onboarding process simpler by adding buttons and features in an easy to understand way.

App store approvals

App developers always have a complaint about Google play store and Apple store because of the changing rules and app development guidelines. Although these changes are being made to considering the privacy and security of uses, many app developers consider them roadblocks. The app stores are tightening the approvals, making it hard for app developers in Pune.

The best way to overcome this roadblock is to gain in-depth insights into app development guidelines – before launching the mobile app. App developer must spend some good time going through the guidelines in detail to make it perfect in the first run. Whether it is adhering to the content codes, app completeness or developer information – app developers must verify everything before submitting the app.


There are a variety of smart devices of different specifications, functions, OS and screen sizes. It is obviously a good news for users but isn’t really a good news for app developers. The complexity of app development in cross-platform increases with the increasing number of devices with different specifications.

Mobile app developers have to develop apps that offer a seamless experience on multiple devices and OS. Due to the increasing demand for omnichannel experience, it has become mandatory for developers to design apps that work flawlessly on all the devices.

Battery life

There is a great competence among the reputed apps such as – Facebook, Spotify etc. However, most of the smartphone users often complain about the low battery issues – which could probably because of these apps. Today, a majority of smartphones run on Lithium-ion batteries to support apps with rich graphics, features, and functionalities.

App developers should begin designing the apps with high quality visual and latest features while ensuring the app goes easy on battery life.

Bottom line

Android and iOS are robust platforms that are scaling new heights with every new version. You cannot expect users to like your apps unless there is something that pulls them. So one should resolve the challenges associated with mobile device development

With technology giants on board, the future of app developers in Pune seems bright and promising – as the challenges are likely to disappear over a period of time.

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