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    This keyboard is built with an intention to aid single-handed typing with mobile phones. The Qwerty- keypad technology was developed keeping in mind for improving the function of a typewriter. It is suitable for a computer or laptop too. But, with newer gadgets, especially the mobile phone that is structurally small, a keyboard that optimizes space and gives ease of typing was indeed a novel development.

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    Narola Infotech is an Information Technology based Outsourcing company that provides Software solutions, Technical Solutions to complex business problems and needs. Narola infotech serves a vast number of services like Enterprise Services, Web Development, Mobile App, and Game Development serving in all domains and technologies.


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  • react-native
  • laravel
  • php


We were able to successfully build the “Keybee” keyboard up to the mark based on the ideation by our client for the layout. This keyboard is well functional on all smartphones, tablets and touchscreen devices. The app has received more than 60,000+ successful installs and is growing each day. It was successfully implemented for both Android and iOS technologies.

We did not just stick to the initial brief, the regular updation of ideas and other upgradations from the client was welcomed as we understood that this valuable feedbacks would only make the product even better. Our goal at Narola has always been 100% client satisfaction.

This was a unique concept that had some unencountered challenges. Our team of expert app-developers successfully tackled and addressed each of them and developed the product in phases within the minimal time-frame of 3.5 months.