Tagsom is an EdTech company with a mission to reinvent digital learning and teach all young children how to read. Tagsom dazzling interactive platform helps children to read and learn. Connecting with parents by providing a kid friendly interactive reading and learning experience.

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Project Summary

The Proposed System was able to satisfy and achieve the desired objectives and requirements of the client such as Interactive System , Children friendly UI and all the functionalities as well as multilingual translation and support with all the necessary Audio and text and cross platform ability. The business needs were also achieved and the data management and system management was also achieved. The Educational stories, Games, Interactive Questionnaires Mathematical Puzzles and Quizzes etc were added into the System.The Tagsom App was successfully deployed and implemented into multiple cross platforms devices.

  • The App and Website should be responsive and should attract numerous attention.
  • Should be easily available and should be affordable and should get best ratings and reviews.
  • Should reach maximum number of people and should generate revenue easily.
  • The app and website should be available on multiple platforms.
  • The app/website should be easily customizable with interactive and user friendly UI UX.
  • The App should be available in multiple Languages for the stories and Instruction and learning.
  • The Stories are to be in multiple levels and stages with Graphical grid and Picture representation
  • Multiple Mathematical and other Quizzes for the Children
  • Should be easily accessible and operational by children and Playful and Interesting.
  • Children should be able to identify different objects and learn new words and alphabets and learn new things with interactive stories and quizzes.
  • Narola Infotech proposed the solution and suggested to use cakePHP 2 open source framework and Amazon AWS server-side and MySQL for Database.
  • For the multilingual functionalities of audio and text they used PO editor.
  • Use of Unity Analytics to analyze and record and maintain/observe the data of the System.
  • The API was provided for the Website and Application and Unity3D game engine was used for Cross platform functionalities.
  • Multi User (Hierarchy) and One backend system.
  • The Proposed system was able to solve the issues and needs of the client such as Multilingual Interaction, Custom design and UI and multiple platform availability and support.
  • The Software / App was interactive and user friendly.
  • The levelwise stories and Audio support for all the alphabets, words and Sentences and stories etc in multiple languages.
  • The Cross Platform ability of the App was achieved and Data maintenance was successful.
  • The UI UX of the system was easy to be used by children.
  • All the Educational stories, Games, interactive Questionnaires Puzzles and Quizzes etc are added into the System which are accessible easily and remotely.
  • The Data storage and its analytics etc achieved.
  • Cakephp 2
  • MySQL
  • AWS Amazon Web Services
  • Unity 3D
  • PO editor

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