Our client, SWiM Worldwide has built the world's first Global Distribution System (SWiM GDS) designed to cater to the many challenges and complexities of the USD 1.3 Trillion per annum ecosystem of Global Container Shipping and the related Maritime Services Industry, decided to set about designing and building SWiM PAY to Global World Class Payment Gateway to facilitate B2B transactions across international markets.

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Project Summary

Our client’s vision was for SWiM PAY to be a complimentary, bespoke, secure, and reliable Global World Class Payment Gateway that would facilitate and add efficiency and cost savings to their client’s business and B2B transactions across international markets with a multi-currency account opening facility and competitive FX pricing operating within a multi-jurisdictional and multilingual environment.

After conducting an extensive procurement exercise, the client selected Narola as its exclusive technical and development Partner and entrusted us with delivering on their vision for SWiM PAY and Stage 1 of its operational implementation throughout the United Kingdom, European Union, USA, and Canada.

When we started building the web app, we faced several challenges, including challenges with several 3rd-party API integrations and associated documentation.However, with continuous cooperation from the client and the expertise of our team, we were able to create a robust payment platform with an in-built fee calculator for the convenience of the users. The client was impressed with the design and the implemented core features like global accounts, hold & send money, multiple payment options, etc.& by meeting stringent timelines.

It was to be designed primarily as the complimentary Payment Gateway to the SWiM GDS (Global Distribution System) but also had to be capable of extending its reach and service offerings into other B2B markets and industries globally. Safe to say, the project was a huge success, so much so that the client has subsequently awarded the development and implementation of its SWiM PAY - Stage 2 (APAC Region) Project to us.

  • The client wanted to build a web application with a Multi-Currency Account opening facility that allows users to accept and pay in any preferred currency using a sort code, IBAN, SWIFT Code, routing number, etc., by integrating 3rd party providers.
  • Facility to Book currency transactions and manage foreign exchange risk easily.
  • To cater to global clients, the web app must also be capable of making payments with the real exchange rate in 38 currencies to up to 180 countries.
  • The main intention of developing the separate platform on top of 3rd party providers' API was to charge a fee in percentage instead of the flat fee on financial activities.
  • Since the onboarding of user accounts was handled by a 3rd party provider, it proved to be quite difficult to sync on SWiM PAY.
  • API documentation and cookbook guides did not have enough information to help us develop an API layer at the SWiM PAY end.
  • The demo platform provided by the 3rd party was not developed as SPA. So, it was quite difficult to understand the parameters used to display data in the same manner.
  • The proposed solution was to develop a web application with a separate API layer to perform data manipulation and store it for future use.
  • We moved forward and created a web application with the requested features along with a setting page to configure fee percentages for each financial activity.
  • Our team implemented logic to calculate fee amounts based on configured percentages.
  • We also implemented webhooks from the 3rd party provider to update the status/data immediately in the SWiM PAY platform.
  • Global Accounts - Open and manage accounts in multiple currencies.
  • Fast Online Payments - Accept multi-modal payments and move money globally.
  • Hold & Send Money - Hold money and send it from the user's multi-currency accounts.
  • Competitive FX Pricing - Receive funds or make payments with the real exchange rate.
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • AWS EC2

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